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Company Overview

Grepow has inherited the idea of 20 years of very fine production quality.
With the ability of continuous self-innovation and superior novel
battery design and development abilities, Grepow has become a very
professional and mature novel shaped batteries manufacturer.
Products that produced by Grepow comes with characters such
 as very high safety, steady discharge rate, ultra-light and thin, huge capacity,
long battery life, high discharge rate and flexible in shape and so on.
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Customized Shaped Batteries

Research and Develop
We have more than 200 professional engineers and technicians for cutting-edge technology innovation, research and development.We have the abilities for innovation, design and develop capabilities in novel shaped batteries.
With 20 years of superb manufacturing process, the company has developed very superb pairing technic, safe and steady formular of raw materieals, smooth and steady discharge curve and rigorous scientific quality control system.
Customization Solution
Our mission statement is to provide 'priority' services. With strong integration capabilities, we customize novel shaped batteries products. We are a leading company providing customized novel shaped prodcuts and services.
Global Services
Our products and services covers around the world. We own U.S and Germany branches and work closely with a number of world 's top 500 companies. We are a highly globalnization company.

Our Products