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Grepow was founded in 1998, focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of Ni-MH batteries.

Grepow obtained ISO9001 certification

Grepow successfully developed high power Ni-MH batteries

Grepow was rewarded as High-tech Enterprise of Shenzhen

Grepow obtained ISO14001 certification

Grepow successfully developed Low-self-discharge Ni-MH batteries

Grepow entered the field of lithium ion batteries, and established the brand "格氏"

Hunan Grepow New Energy Co., Ltd was founded in Hunan province

National Hi-Tech enterprise, annual production of 150M Ni-MH and 50M Ah LiPo batteries

Grepow was rewarded as National High-tech Enterprise of China

The RC hobby batteries of the "格氏" brand has the highest sales volume in China

“Gens ace” brand was founded

Grepow achieved $45 million dollar annual production value

Grepow established branch in Germany

Launched high-rate lithium iron phosphate battery

Grepow entered the drone industry and supplied related lithium batteries for it;

Grepow established USA branch office in San Francisco bay area;

Grepow became the world's first enterprise to enter the consumer drone battery supply system;

Grepow became the world's first Chinese factory that provides "Battery+BMS" battery solution for UAV;

Established Shaped battery department, develop the special shape lithium-ion batteries.

Grepow founded the world's first drone battery brand "TATTU";

Grepow joins Shenzhen UAV Industry Association (SZUAVIA) and served as the vice chairman;

Established a wholly-owned subsidiary, "能锐 NengRui", to develop and manufacture special-shaped batteries;

Grepow obtained OHSAS18001 certification (Health & Safety Management Systems);

Grepow obtained IATF16949 certification (Automotive Industry's International Standards).

Grepow developed the first rechargeable special-shaped lithium battery - Curved battery, entering the wearable field.

Launched 120C Lithium battery for Jump Starter and entered the Auto-parts market;

TATTU R-Line V1.0 battery was born, providing professional batteries for world-level FPV competition events;

Launched 0.45mm ultra-thin Shaped battery.

Grepow was rewarded as "National High-tech Enterprise" and "Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise" again;

Grepow achieved $120 million dollar annual production value.

Grepow passed the "Integration of Informationization and Industrialization Management System certification" of China

Grepow was certified as high discharge-rate lithium-ion battery engineering and technology research center by the Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province (GDSTC)

Grepow launched -40℃ ultra-low temperature lithium battery;

Grepow's low-temperature battery technology breakthrough to -50℃;

Launched -40℃ ultra-low temperature lithium iron phosphate battery.

Grepow established its sub-brand Lokithor and launched its first jump starter product "JA301";

"Jump Start Hope, Pump up for you" Lokithor JA301 is the first cross-border collaboration with the fashion industry;

Grepow obtained ISO13485 certification;

Launched the first self-developed R/C charger product - IMars III.

Grepow launched the patented product "non-destructive welding full sealing technology" lithium Button-Cell battery;

Grepow launched the first agricultural UAV battery smart charger - TA3000;

Launched the concept of "UAV Battery G3";

Cooperate with the University of Zurich Robotics and Perception Laboratory (UZH-RPG) to jointly hold a world-class FPV champion vs artificial intelligence competition.