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Tattu 3.0 18S Lipo 30Ah 68.4V Smart UAV Drone Battery

18S 30000mAh uav lipo battery

Tattu 3.0 18S Lipo 30Ah 68.4V Smart UAV Drone Battery

The Tattu 3.0 30Ah 18S lipo battery is a new generation smart drone battery with optimized plug & play installation, supports 5C fast charging and max 150A continuous current, and the lifespan can be more than 600 cycles. It has a unique design, sluminum housing heat-dissipation, sealed waterproof, smart external anti-spark device, portable smart checker, drawer slides design and LED indicator.
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Product Details

The Tattu 3.0 18S 30000mAh 68.4V lipo battery is designed for high-performance UAVs and drones. It supports fast charging at 5C and features a built-in BMS battery management system for safety and stability. Additionally, it includes a MOS switch that offers enhanced protection, efficiency, and control by enabling overcurrent and undervoltage protection, smart charging, remote control, and improved energy efficiency in one package. Besides, customers can connect to the mobile app via Bluetooth to monitor the status of the battery to help better control the drone.

Tattu 18S 30Ah Battery Specifications

Standard Capacity: 30000mAh (30Ah)

Voltage: 68.4V

Configuration: 18S1P

Discharge Rate: 35C

Weight: 14800±350g

Dimensions: 333.5*272.9*174mm (±1.5-2.5mm)

Suitable Spray Tank: 50L

Product Features

Plug-in Design 5C Fast Charging

BMS Protection

With MOS Switch

Bluetooth APP with SOH Checking

Ensure a Safe and Stable Flight

Waterproof and Anti-corrosion

Product Applications

TATTU 3.0 30000mAh HV 35C 68.4V 18S lipo battery is suitable for any agricultural spraying UAV, aerial photography UAV, cargo delivery drone, surveying and mapping aircraft, eVTOL, etc.

Chargers for Tattu 3.0 18S 30000mAh 68.4V Battery

TA9000 PRO 9000W lipo battery chargera dual channel smart charger, is self-developed and manufactured, especially designed for 12-18S Smart Batteries.

Smart Charger TA9000PRO for Tattu 18S Battery

More chargers can be found: Lipo Battery Chargers.

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