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Cargo and Delivery Drone

Cargo and Delivery Drone

Delivery drones, also known as cargo drones or heavy-lift cargo drones, have emerged as a solution to meet the growing demand for efficient and rapid delivery of goods. They are equipped with high-capacity batteries capable of sustaining long flight times and supporting heavy payloads. Delivery drones are used in various applications such as package delivery, disaster relief operations, and medical supply transport, offering a versatile and efficient means of transportation in challenging environments.

Grepow Delivery Drones Solutions

Delivery drones have challenges like short battery life and low load capacity, which limit their range and duration. This makes them less effective for long-distance deliveries. Grepow's soft packs and smart cargo drones batteries, with their large capacity and high energy density, solve these issues by providing longer flight times and higher payload capacities. This makes them perfect for delivery drone use. 

Delivery Drones UAV Battery Features

 2C~5C Fast Charging

 Easy to Plug

 Adapted to All Communication Protocols

● Anti-fire Function

 Health Self-check

 Low temperature self-heating, and high temperature resistance

 Abnormal Record

 Waterproof, Dustproof and Anti-corrosion

 History Information Storage

 Charge and Discharge Protection

 Communication Protection

 Intelligent Protection

Compatible with all Major Delivery Drone Models

Grepow's soft pack and smart delivery drone batteries are compatible with popular delivery drone models on the market, ranging in payload from 5KG to 100KG. These brands include Parrot, Autel Robotics, Skydio,Yuneec, Hubsan, Holy Stone, Syma, JJRC, Walkera, etc.

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