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Tattu 6S 40Ah 22.8V 10C HV Lipo Drone Battery

Tattu 6S 40000mAh 22.8V 10C HV Lipo Drone Battery
Tattu 6S 40000mAh 22.8V 10C HV Lipo Drone Battery
Tattu 6S 40000mAh 22.8V 10C HV Lipo Drone Battery

Tattu 6S 40Ah 22.8V 10C HV Lipo Drone Battery

Tattu 40000mAh 6S 22.8V 10C LiPO battery pack is embedded with a G-Tech chip, enabling automatic identification, communication, and charging with the G-Tech Eco Smart Charger. It can also be charged regularly with a standard charger. With lightweight, smooth discharge and long flight time, this 40000mAh 6S Lipo drone battery is best suited for the professional drones in the field of aerial photography, transport delivery, surving and mapping, rescue, underwater, aerial inspections, agriculture spraying, etc.
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Tattu 40000mAh 10C 6S Lipo Battery is the most powerful battery and it is designed for all the industrial drones /UAVs / eVTOLS. It has a huge capacity, and also has a high voltage characteristic to make the battery more powerful, providing a long operating time and the best performance for the drone's flight. Simply flying at its best! Experience the difference a quality battery makes to your aircraft's flight.

6S 40000mAh 22.8V 10C Lipo Drone Battery Features


Stable automatical stacking technology

The most strict single cell capacity, voltage, resistance, discharge curve matching process

Superior Japan and Korea Lithium Polymer raw materials

Almost 240Wh/kg energy density

At least 150 times cycle life

Local after-sales service (located in Dublin, CA)

6S 40000mAh 22.8V 10C Lipo Drone Battery Specifications

Minimum Capacity: 40000mAh

Configuration: 6S / 22.8V / 6 cells

Discharge Rate: 10C

Net Weight: 4130g

Size: 263*122*64mm


Grepow lipo drone batteries boast high energy density and high discharge rate, making them exceptionally suitable for various types of commercial professional drones:

Agriculture spraying drone

Land surveying drones

Police drones


Delivery drone

Inspection drone

Photography drones

Construction drone

Mining drones

Recommended Chargers

Tattu TA1000 G-Tech drone battery charger for 1S-7S pouch cell batteries.

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