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Light Show Drone Battery

Light Show Drone Battery

Drone light shows are considered a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to fireworks. These shows involve hundreds of drones equipped with extensive sensors and fine-tuned coordination to perform perfect choreographies and create stunning visuals in the sky. They are used for various events, including trade fairs, large-scale events like festivals and concerts, corporate events, product launches, and brand promotions. The demand for batteries in light show drones emphasizes high capacity, reliability, quick charging, lightweight, and high discharge rates to ensure consistent performance and extended flight times.

Light Show Drone Features

● Drones used for light shows are typically custom-designed UAVs optimized for performance, safety, and visual impact. The most common type used in light shows, specifically quadcopters, due to their stability, agility, and ease of control.

● LED Lighting Systems: High-intensity, multi-color LEDs capable of producing a wide range of colors and effects. The LEDs are often programmable to create complex light patterns and sequences.

● Precision GPS and Positioning Systems: High-precision GPS modules and other positioning systems (e.g., RTK GPS) for accurate location tracking and synchronization, ensuring coordinated movements in swarm formations.

● Programmable Flight Controllers: Advanced flight controllers that can be programmed with complex flight paths and synchronized routines. These controllers often support real-time adjustments and updates.

● Long Battery Life: Equipped with high-capacity batteries to ensure sufficient flight time for extended shows, typically ranging from 20 to 30 minutes per charge.

Light Show Drone Battery Requirements

● Battery Capacity: Typically ranges from 3000mAh to 6000mAh. Batteries must provide sufficient power for extended flight times, often 15-30 minutes, depending on the complexity and duration of the show.The specific capacity depends on the flight duration required for the show and the power consumption of the drone's lights and motors.

● Battery Voltage: Usually 3.7V (1S) to 14.8V (4S) LiPo batteries are used. The exact voltage requirement depends on the drone's motor specifications and overall power requirements. Smaller, lightweight drones may use 1S or 2S batteries, while larger drones may use 3S or 4S batteries.

● Battery Rate (C-Rating): Typically ranges from 20C to 45C. Light show drones often need batteries with a moderate to high discharge rate to provide sufficient power to the motors and lights during the performance. Capable of delivering the necessary power for rapid LED changes and drone movements.

● Quick Charging: Fast turnaround times between shows require batteries that can be rapidly recharged.

● Lightweight: Batteries need to be lightweight to maximize flight efficiency and maneuverability.

Light Show Drone FAQs

How Do Drone Light Shows Work?

Drone light shows use multiple drones equipped with LED lights, programmed to fly in precise formations. The process involves planning and designing the choreography, running simulations, preparing the drones, and executing the show with central computer control and advanced algorithms to avoid collisions.

How Many Drones Are Needed for a Light Show?

The number of drones varies by show size, ranging from a few dozen to several thousand. Large-scale shows can use over 3,000 drones.

How Much Do Drone Light Shows Cost?

Costs range from $20,000 for small shows (50-100 drones) to over $150,000 for large shows (300+ drones), depending on the complexity and duration.

Will Drone Light Shows Replace Fireworks?

Drone shows are safer, environmentally friendly, and quieter, making them a modern alternative to fireworks. However, fireworks are likely to remain popular for traditional celebrations due to their cultural significance and sensory impact.

Are Drone Shows Safe?

Drone light shows are generally safe when conducted by professionals following strict safety protocols, including regulation compliance, extensive testing, geofencing, redundancy systems, and trained operators.

  • Soft Pack Light Show Drone Battery

  • Light Show Drone Battery Charger

  • High Discharge Rate Lipo Light Show Drone Battery

    ● High Energy Density up to 210Wh/Kg

    ● Support1C Charging Rate

    ● Safe Discharge to 3.6V/Cell

    ● Suit for Heavy Payload and Long Endurance Construction Mapping/Inspection Mission

    ● Support LED Capacity Display


    Battery Model




    Tattu 45C 3700mAh 14.8V 4S1P




    Tattu 35C 5200mAh 14.8V 4S1P




    Tattu 25C 6750mAh 14.8V 4S1P



  • TA1000 G-Tech Light Show Drone Battery Charger

    The TA1000 light show drone battery charger supports 1-7 cell LiPo and LiHV batteries, with AC input and max charging current of 25A*2, offering users more flexible charging options. Suitable for RC models, FPV, and light show drones, the TA1000 includes comprehensive protection features such as over-temperature, over-current, overcharge and reverse polaarity protection to ensure charging safety. 

    TA1000 G-Tech Light Show Drone Battery Charger