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Tattu 6S High Voltage UAV Drone Battery

Tattu 6S High Voltage UAV Drone Battery

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Tattu high voltage UAV drone battery with light weight, high safety performance, long flight time and cycle life, Grepow high voltage battery up to 4.35V per cell and additional 15% usable capacity. Widely used for UAV drone that Aerial Photography, Aerial Video, Aerial Mapping, aerial Inspections, Agriculture, etc.

Grepow Battery - Tattu Drone Battery

Tattu 6S High Voltage Drone Batteries List:

Tattu 6S HV Drone Batteries

Lithium Polymer Battery / High Voltage LiPo
16000 / 17000 / 23000 / 25000
6S1P / 22.8V / 6 cells
Discharge Rate

16000mAh & 17000mAh: 15C

23000mAh: 25C

25000mAh: 10C

Max Burst Discharge Rate

16000mAh & 17000mAh: 30C

23000mAh: 50C

25000mAh: 20C

Net Weight(±20g)

16000mAh: 1870g

17000mAh: 1847g

23000mAh: 2470g

25000mAh: 2577g

Dimensions(L x W x H)

16000mAh: 190mm x 76mm x 61mm

17000mAh: 193mm x 77mm x 60mm

23000mAh: 207mm x 90mm x 62mm

25000mAh: 207mm x 91mm x 65mm

Wire Gauge
Discharge Wire Length

Additional 15% usable capacity

up to 4.35V per cell

Light Weight

Good Compatibility

High Safety Performance

Environmental Protection

UAV Drone for Aerial Photography, Aerial Video, Aerial Mapping, aerial Inspections, Agriculture, etc.

About Tattu Brand

Grepow self-owned brands "格氏ACE", "GENS ACE" and "TATTU" are renowned home and abroad. For Tattu Brand, it is more focused on Drones / Multirotors / UAV battery pack and designed with high energy density and high discharge rate cells. It has highly reputation in the market with its stable performance. We are committed to supply the safe, stable as well as long cycle life battery for UAV.

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