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At Grepow we focus on customers' needs just as much as our pride in battery quality, and we mean it. We offer an extensive amount of services and solutions to power our client's projects and help them shape their future.
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Grepow Rapid Sampling Service

Grepow assists in cell design and cell modeling.

We provide short lead time for samples, which allows for faster testing and prototypes.

Quick Sample Service
Grepow's stacking technology provides the ability to produce samples in a short amount of time, which is faster than the traditional winding method. We prepare our materials early, and we offer a pipeline production for cell prototypes:

Button Batteries can be manufactured and tested in as early as 7 days.

Ordinary Batteries can be manufactured and tested in as early as 20 days.

Premium Material Reserve

Grepow uses a variety of chemical components and configurations from different countries such as China, Japan, South Korea and Switzerland.

We can enhance your particular cell technology. If there are special requirements for new materials, we can assist your engineers in a joint development.

Comprehensive Battery Test
In addition to the standard capacity test, we also perform a comprehensive cycle test on the batteries to ensure a better display of test data such as Internal resistance, voltage, performance, discharge temperature, storage, discharge rate, safety, etc.
Strong Capabilities of R&D, Design and Testing
We have a plethora of different options with our independent regular batteries and shaped-batteries. We also have a sample line assembly and a comprehensive performance testing laboratory for our raw materials, cells, and battery packs.

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