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Drone Battery Customized Solutions

Grepow specializes in customized, semi-customized and spot drone battery. We could design and manufacture customized batteries ranging from chemistry to structure and protection systems. As a professional drone battery supplier, we confidently provide the perfect battery solution for your specific project. Whether a complete power solution with Battery Management System and Charger, or OEM/ODM, leave it all to Grepow.

  • Cell Features
  • BMS
  • Structure

Cell Features

  • Cell Type: High Discharge Cell, High Voltage Cells, Low & High Temperature Cells

  • Cell Capacity : No Limit

  • Energy Density : Up to 275 wh/kg

  • Cycle Life : Up to 600 Cycles

  • Operating Temperature : -40℃ to 80℃ / -50℃ to 50℃

  • Battery Weight : Depends On Requirement

  • Battery Size : Depends On Requirement

semi solid cell | grepow


Grepow's BMS is mainly designed for intelligent flight batteries, which adopts industrial grade ARM-32 bit processor and matches high-precision AFE front-end acquisition chip. This kind of BMS provides security protection, data statistics and intelligent management for smart drone battery with specification from 1S to 28S. BMS can manage the cell capacity, voltage, IR to maximum the working efficiency and extend the lifespan of the battery pack.

grepow drone smart battery - BMS



Dust-Proof & Water-Proof

Heat Dissipation

Connector Types

Tattu smart drone battery | Grepow

Tattu Smart Battery

  • Tattu Plus
  • Tattu Pro
  • Tattu 3.0

Tattu Plus

Tattu Plus smart battery suit for 6S and 12S power system and support SMBUS/UAVCAN protocol. With the smart LED indication, users can identify the battery status more accurately.

Tattu Plus drone battery for UAV | Grepow

6S series

Battery Model TAA10K6SP25AX TAA16K6SP15AX TAA22K6SP25AX
Capacity (mAh) 10000mAh 16000mAh 22000mAh
C-rate 25C 15C 25C
Battery Configuration 6S1P 6S1P 6S1P
Voltage(V) 22.2V 22.2V 22.2V
Power (Wh) 222Wh 355.2Wh 488.4Wh
L*W*H (±5mm) 186*70*63 202*81*69 214*96*68
Net Weight (±50g) 1456g 2063g 2640g

12S series

Battery Model TAA16KP12S15X TAA16KP12S15X-Compact TAA22K12SP25A
Capacity (mAh) 16000mAh 16000mAh 22000mAh
C-rate 15C 15C 25C
Battery Configuration 12S1P 12S1P 12S1P
Voltage(V) 44.4V 44.4V 44.42V
Power (Wh) 710.4Wh 710.4Wh 976.8Wh
L*W*H (±5mm) 224*163*90 217.5*150*80 235.5*116*172
Net Weight (±50g) 4740g 4250g 6000g

Tattu Pro

The Tattu Pro is suited for 12S and 14S power system, support 3C fast charging, and 600+ lifespan, with improved structure design, the Tattu Pro batteries come with good heat dissipation and waterproof performance.

Tattu Pro fast charging UAV battery | Grepow
Battery Model TAPRAS22K1225X TAPRAS22K1425X
Capacity (mAh) 22000mAh 22000mAh
C-rate 25C 25C
Battery Configuration 12S1P 14S1P
Voltage(V) 44.4V 51.8V
Power (Wh) 976.8Wh 1139.6Wh
L*W*H (±5mm) 117*174*238 117*174*238
Net Weight (±50g) 6300g 7350g

Tattu 3.0

The Tattu 3.0 is a new generation smart battery with optimized plug&play installation, support 3C fast charging and Max.150A continuous current, the lifespan can be more than 600 cycles.

Tattu 3.0 drone battery for VTOL, smart drone battery
Battery Model TA3TAS19K1425X TA3TAS22K1425X TA3TAS25K1425X
Capacity (mAh) 19000mAh 22000mAh 25000mAh
C-rate 25C 25C 25C
Battery Configuration 14S1P 14S1P 14S1P
Voltage(V) 51.8V 51.8V 51.8V
Power (Wh) 984.2Wh 1139.6Wh 1295Wh
L*W*H (±5mm) 279*236*91 279*236*91 279*236*91
Net Weight (±50g) 7900g 8800g 9600g
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Tattu Pouch Battery

  • Standard Battery
  • High Voltage Battery
  • Low Temperature Battery
  • NMC 811 Battery

Standard Battery

Tattu standard batteries that are a part of the general series have a high capacity, high discharge rate, great compatibility, and reliable power for UAV, RC, VTOL, Quadcopter, Multirotor, Hexacopter etc. Tattu battery packs are committed to providing the perfect flight experience.

Tattu battery for UAV, RC, VTOL, Quadcopter, Multirotor, Hexacopter etc.
Battery Model TAA100006S30E TAA16K6S30ASX TAA22K6S30ASX TAA30K6S25ASX
Capacity (mAh) 10000mAh 16000mAh 22000mAh 30000mAh
C-rate 30C 30C 30C 25C
Battery Configuration 6S1P 6S1P 6S1P 6S1P
Voltage(V) 22.2V 22.2V 22.2V 22.2V
Power (Wh) 222 355.2 488.4 666
L*W*H (±5mm) 175*65*58mm 190*76*65mm 206*91*61mm 217*120*65mm
Net Weight (±50g) 1357g 1974g 2460g 3505g

High Voltage Battery

Tattu High Voltage drone battery is one of popular battery for drone.The single LiPo cell is fully charged up to 4.4V, with additional 15% capacity, super long fight time and cycle life. Superior and stable performance provides you with a different flying experience.

Tattu High Voltage 4.4V drone battery is one of popular battery for drone.
Battery Model TAA11K6S25HVE TAA17K6S15XT9 TAA23K6S25ASX TAA25K6S10XT9 TAA32K6S10XT9 TAA40K6S10XT9
Capacity (mAh) 11000mAh 17000mAh 23000mAh 25000mAh 32000mAh 40000mAh
C-rate 25C 15C 25C 10C 10C 10C
Battery Configuration 6S1P 6S1P 6S1P 6S1P 6S1P 6S1P
Voltage(V) 22.8V 22.8V 22.8V 22.8V 22.8V 22.8V
Power (Wh) 250.8Wh 404.6Wh 570.4Wh 645Wh 857.6Wh 1112Wh
L*W*H (±5mm) 176*65*56mm 195*78*64.5mm 210*93*66mm 207*91*65mm 216*125*61mm 258*123*62mm
Net Weight (±50g) 1350g 1860g 2470g 2577g 3494g 4080g
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Low Temperature Battery

Tattu low temperature battery version improved battery material to support Max. 3C discharge at -30℃. Discharge over 90% efficiecy at -10℃, over 80% effeciecy at -30℃. It broked througt the discharge temperature limits of -30℃ to 60℃.

Tattu low temperature battery version improved battery material to support Max.
Battery Model TAA145006S30X9
Capacity (mAh) 14500mAh
C-rate 30C
Battery Configuration 6S1P
Voltage(V) 22.2V
Power (Wh) 321.9Wh
L*W*H (±5mm) 195*77*68mm
Net Weight (±50g) 1920g
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NMC 811 Battery

Tattu NMC 811 battery provides an ultra high energy density of up to 275 Wh/Kg, the capacity retention can stay more than 90% after 600 cycles. The newest battery recipe brings you the best experience and is more perfectly suitable for eVTOL, industrial UAV, etc.

Grepow NMC811 Battery high energy dendity
Battery Model GRP NMC811-20 GRP NMC811-28
Capacity (mAh) 20000mAh 28000mAh
Discharge rate (C) 5C 5C
Configuration (S/P) 6S1P 6S1P
Voltage(V) 22.2V 22.2V
L*W*H (±2mm) 189*76*58 mm 203*89*61.5 mm
Net Weight (±100g) 1800g 2500g

1C rate charging (CC to 4.2V, CV to 0.02C), 5C rate discharging to 3.0V After 600 cycles tests, remain more than 90% capacity retention rate

Test of 0.5/3/5C constant current discharge to 3.0V, 5C discharge efficiency can reach 93%

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Our UAV Drone Battery are widely use in Agricultural, eVTOL, Industrial Patrol, Forest Fire Fighting, Construction Monitoring, Cargo Transport, Aerial Photography, Surveying and Mapping. Exclusive Customized battery for DIY Manned Drone.

Aerial Photography drone battery

Aerial photography

Agricultural spraying drone battery

Agricultural spraying

Survey, mapping and inspection drone battery

Survey, mapping and inspection

Transport delivery UAV battery

Transport delivery

Rescue drone battery


Urban manned UAV battery

Urban manned

Robotics battery


eVTOL Lipo drone battery


Monitoring and surveillance drone battery

Monitoring and surveillance

Underwater drone battery

Underwater drone

unmanned helicopter drone

Unmanned helicopter