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Demand-Orientated Customization Solution

With over 20 years of experience and thousands of custom battery designs, we are uniquely qualified to design the highest quality battery pack for your application. Working with Grepow Battery gives you benefits no other partner can match. Grepow designs and manufactures custom-made batteries and cells for the specific needs, from chemistry to structural design to protection systems.

Grepow batteries
grepow custom battery

For customers designing their own electric powertrains or completing devices for a specific application, Grepow provides one-stop services,and fully-integrated battery solution to reply to specific needs.

Customizable Features

Customized shaped batteries can be more efficient than ordinary rectangular cells, with higher space utilization, higher capacity and longer working time. And we have more than 500 types of shape cells, which can fulfill different product demands.

GREPOW Shaped Batteries

On all projects, we work closely with customers from the first design concept, through prototyping and testing to large-scale manufacturing from our facilities in China. Our service teams are located in the US, Asia and Europe, able to communicate with customers in real-time and provide support as soon as possible. Battery Structure design included: Compact, Size, Weight, Styled Case, Strength, Shock Resistance, Heat Dissipation, etc.

The battery for extreme temperature environment is a completely different market than the normal battery operating environment. We believed Whether in high-temperature or low-temperature evironments, our design teams have experience in just about any market using power.

We believe that only the number we display are not represent the limitation of us. In order to the different situations, Grepow's batery customization solution is the breakthrough of various applications. In addition to the special shapes and temperature environment, we can also customize: voltage, capacity, charging current, discharge current, etc.

Custom your BMS functions:

Communication Functions

Communication Protocol(SMBus,CAN)

Communication Protection

SOC Indicator

Current Detection

Abnormal Log


Using Time Record

Charge Management

Charging Over-Voltage Protection

Charging Over-Current Protection

Charging Over-Temperature Alarm/Protection

Charging Low-Temperature Alarm/Protection

Abnormal Voltage Gap Warning

Charging Short Circuit Alarm/Protection


Discharge Management

Discharging Over-Current Protection

Discharging Under-Volt age Protection

Battery No-Load Protec tion

Discharging Short Circuit Alarm/Protection

Discharging Over-tem perature Alarm/Protec tion

Discharge Low-Tempera ture Alarm/Protection

Other Functions

Self-Heating Technology for Low Temperature

Ultra-Low Power Consumption

Reverse Connection Protection

Self-Discharging in Fully Charged Storage

Why Choose Grepow?

Grepow was founded in 1998. We are an advanced technology company specialized in the research and production of NiMH batteries, Li-po batteries, LiFePO4 batteries and development of power management systems. After decades of development, Grepow is now one of the largest manufacturers of high C-rate and high capacity batteries. Our self-owned brands "格氏ACE", "GENS ACE" and "TATTU" are renowned home and abroad.

Grepow's decades of expertise in batteries have generated multiple products widely used and acknowledged in different areas, such as, unmanned aircraft systems, drone, RC hobbies, consumer electronics, medical instruments, portable power, electronic tools, and military related projects. Relying on our independent battery and electronics R&D team, we offer high-class OEM/ODM service to customers, and have achieved certification of golden supplier from many famous domestic and overseas companies.

So far, our sales network covers all areas of China, most areas of Asia, Europe, America, Austria, and some areas of Africa. We also have established offices in Germany, and USA to provide better service to our customers for delivery efficiency and after-sales service.

Staff Engineers specializing in battery packs.

We are battery pack design experts. Our engineering team complements the customer's team to ensure the custom battery pack meets all requirements.

Rapid prototyping and mass production.

Our specialist team can evaluate, test and prototyping, test samples can be completed in one week at the soonest.

Technology / R&D

We offer the full lifecycle of developing a custom battery solution including system application, engineering, design, manufacturing, and recycling.

Strictly confidential

Batteries manufactured by Grepow Battery are designed to perform their proper function while maintaining its quality over their expected life.

After sale service

Grepow Battery understands our customers' operational, regulatory, and environmental requirements and will design batteries that take these factors into account.

GREPOW battery factoryGREPOW battery factoryGREPOW factory
GREPOW batteries GREPOW battery monitoring system GREPOW Battery mixing plant

Grepow made to the highest standards

Safety compliance



User compliance



Transportation compliance



Quality systems

ISO9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016

Grepow ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification

ISO 9001 - Quality Management System Certification

Grepow ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification

ISO 14001 - Environmental Management System Certification

Grepow IATF16949-2016 Automotive Industry's International Standards

IATF16949-2016 - Automotive Industry's International Standards

Grepow OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification

OHSAS 18001 - Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification

Grepow ISO 13485:2016 Medical devices - Quality management system Certification

ISO 13485:2016 - Medical devices Certification

SZUAVIA - Vice Presidnet Member

SZUAVIA - Vice Presidnet Member