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​Fast charging lipo battery has a new progress - Grepow

​Fast charging lipo battery has a new progress - Grepow

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Grepow's fast-charging battery technology breaks the industry standard by 10C.

    In recent years, lithium batteries have become the energy source of choice for portable devices, electric vehicles and drones. Among them, the battery range and charging time have been greatly optimized, and in most cases we are not in energy anxiety. But this is a time of innovation and evolution, where we will pursue advancement and efficiency in every aspect, and battery manufacturers are constantly developing in order to be able to bring better quality energy to the devices.

    In our battery knowledge channel - Battery Monday, we have introduced what is a fast charging battery and how it works. The basic components of a battery when charging are current, voltage and wattage. To increase the speed of fast charging, we have to increase the power, and the voltage and current are proportional to each other. For more information, please click on: What is fast charging? NMC 532 Battery | Battery Monday.

grepow battery knowledge with fast charge technology

    For fast charging, the multiple attributes of the materials applied to the anode, cathode and electrolyte will affect the speed and capacity of the charge. In the previous, we launched NMC532 fast-charging lipo battery, which can reach 5C fast charging speed, and the cathode is combined with nickel, manganese and cobalt in the ratio of 5:3:2, which has higher thermal stability and safety.

    High temperature is the biggest driver of lithium polymer battery aging, and the high power of fast charging will make the battery hot in a short time. Fast charging has high requirements on the quality of lithium polymer battery, otherwise, it will cause great loss to the life of the battery and the safety level will be significantly reduced. Differences in cell material, environment temperature and battery management system cause different levels of damage to the battery during fast charging. So NMC532 formulation is more suitable for fast charging.

    Here comes the test information about the 5C charge at 25℃ and 45℃ temperatures, take Grepow fast charge battery as an example.

grepow fast charge battery test infomation

grepow 5c fast charge battery at high temperature

    Grappo has been rooted in the battery field, constantly pushing the performance and limits of the battery ahead. Based on the 5C, we have increased the fast charging capability of the battery to 10C to provide high quality and high efficiency energy for the industry, especially for the power system in the Drone/UAV field. The technology breaks the industry standard, and it is worth mentioning that Grepow's Lipo battery uses laminated cell technology, which has a higher energy density.

    To learn about stacking and rolling technology, please click on: Battery technology: Rolling VS Stacking | Battery Monday

    The 5C can charge the battery 60% faster and the 10C can charge much more than that, allowing you to shorten the waiting time for charging and get impressive efficiency. Fast charging batteries are very suitable for consumer electronics, drones, and other industrial applications.

Grepow battery

    Any questions or to learn more the 10C fast charge battery technology, please feel free to contact us at info@grepow.com.

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