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Grepow’s Stacking Technology Makes Button Cells Outstanding to Power TWS Headphones

Grepow’s Stacking Technology Makes Button Cells Outstanding to Power TWS Headphones

Editorial:Philina Issue Date:2022-03-18 Views:3583

    At present, coin and button cell batteries have become a major mainstream trend in TWS headset products, basically popularizing AirPods, Samsung, Huawei, Sony, and other high-end brands. The battery supply chain, in addition to the two industry giants Varta, ATL, including Sunwoda, EVE Energy, Guangzhou Great Power Energy&Technology, Nanfu Battery, and other major Chinese manufacturers also accelerated the TWS headset button battery business layout.

    Shenzhen Grepow Battery Co., Ltd. (Abbr. Grepow) has been deeply involved in the field of small consumer rechargeable lithium polymer (lipo) batteries for many years, and its main products include pouch cell batteries, button batteries, shaped batteries, drone smart batteries, and NiMH batteries. Among them, the button battery has a wide range of application scenarios due to the stacking tech, lightweight and performance advantages.

    Today, button batteries are mainly divided into two categories: coiled (winding) and laminated (stacking)according to the cell internal structure. Compared with traditional coiled coin batteries, laminated ones have the advantages of low internal resistance (IR), good C-rate performance, high discharge platform voltage, long cycle life, etc., while the battery thickness and shape are more adaptable as well.

    In 2015, Grepow began to develop innovative products - stacking tech button batteries, which were recognized by national invention patents. At the same time, Grepow keeps accelerating the construction of the intellectual property protection system and has applied for 74 patents related to button cells, of which 42 patents have been authorized in terms of shell, internal structure, and technology.

Exploded view of Grepow's steel-cased rechargeable lithium polymer (lipo) coin cell battery

Exploded view of Grepow's steel-cased rechargeable lipo coin cell battery

    Therefore, the steel-shell rechargeable lithium-polymer (Lipo) button battery of Grepow can be protected by patent law and is widely welcomed by customers. With this, Grepow Battery has also become one of the earlier rechargeable lithium-ion battery Chinese companies to enter the TWS Bluetooth headset field, also, one of the global suppliers of rechargeable coin li-ion batteries for TWS headphones.

    With the rapid expansion of the emerging consumer electronics industry, the market demand for small batteries has been greatly promoted. In this segment, Grepow Battery holds several advantageous patent licenses and has built a technological innovation and patent system, which may become the beneficiary of this development opportunity.

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