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What are the Possibilities of UAV Drones?

What are the Possibilities of UAV Drones?

Editorial:VickyWu Issue Date:2020-05-13 Views:2869

With the expansion of drone technology, drones are paving the way for more skilled jobs to many people who will fly, maintain and own drones in the future. This will eventually lead to more innovations, and people will start finding more use for drone technology in their day-to-day life.

So, what are the possibilities of UAV drones? Some of them are enumerated below.

Drones are used as delivery systems by companies like Amazon and Dominoes. If put to better use, drones can also be used to deliver medicines and food to remote villages.

Drones can be used as an alternative to humans to check on railroad tracks. They can also be used to check on oil and gas pipelines. Some of these jobs are very dangerous, so using machines becomes a much safer option in these situations.

In some countries where information regarding real estate and land holdings are yet to be digitised, the government can use drones to survey the lands efficiently and improve records using 3D mapping. The parties involved can use this technology to improve real estate sales by providing the buyers better and different information about the location and its accessibility.

Drones can be used successfully in times of disasters, natural or man made . A structurally compromised building may be too risky for a search operation.  In these cases, drones can enter the site, pinpoint the location of the survivors, and deliver first-aid and food until more help arrives. Drones have been used to detect and prevent wildfires as well.

Law enforcement can use drones in surveillance: they’ve been used to take crime scene photos and even manage traffic. They’ve also been used to track criminals on the run and to help police lead criminals to less populated areas without endangering the surrounding people.

Drones can also be used in farming and animal husbandry. Information provided by drones about the vast swathes of farmland is priceless especially as it can aid farmers in keeping track of their herds and in detecting diseases.  Drones are often used in spraying pesticides as well.

Drones have provided an interesting perspective when filming music videos, commercials and even movies. They provide a new level of visual entertainment through the variety of different shots and scenes that can be filmed through the machines.

Tourists and people on vacation have also used drones to record themselves or special moments while travelling.  Drones keep hands free and provide captivating shots of the scenery that would normally be impossible with just a camera.

With the increase in interest, drones are studied in school as well.  Students are taught how to handle such technology and are sometimes challenged to build them on their own.

Drones can also be used in journalism. In the case of investigative journalism, drones put some distance between an incident and a reporter. It reduces the risk of getting exposed or caught in a precarious situation especially if there is a large crowd or riot.

Drones can be used in extreme sports photography. Some of the intimate angles shot by drone technology are not replicable by normal photography techniques. Information passed on from drones also helps the contestants remain safe.

Drones can be used by relevant agencies for deterring hunters in protected areas. All weather-capable drone surveillance provides an advantage over just human surveillance (low coverage and risk to the officers on duty) or static surveillance (using cameras fitted on trees which can be  easily avoided by poachers). Drones can also be used for tracking rare species of animals and birds without disturbing their habitats.

In all, the possibilities for drones are endless: they range from education to employment, farming to fire fighting, and so on.

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