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Day 1 at HEC 2024 | Grepow at RC Hobby Event

Day 1 at HEC 2024 | Grepow at RC Hobby Event

Editorial:Gens ace Issue Date:2024-04-19 Views:277

On April 19, the much-anticipated 22nd Hobby Expo China opened at the Beijing Exhibition Center, drawing in a lively crowd of model enthusiasts and industry pioneers.

Beijing Exhibition Center

This year, Grepow Battery ( with its subrand: Gens Ace ) dazzled at Booth aE26 in Hall 11 with a fresh and captivating presence, drawing countless eyes. The cutting-edge products displayed have made the booth a place people don't want to leave, with a continuous stream of visitors and an exceptionally vibrant atmosphere.

Grepow Battery ( with its subrand: Gens ace ) is at Booth aE26 in Hall 11

Live on Site

Live on Site HEC2024

Our booth was swamped with visitors showing keen interest in our latest products. Particularly, our two new releases—the S100 Smart Charger and the Redline 2.0 Competition RC Car Battery—received enthusiastic responses and numerous inquiries. Our team members passionately answered every question, engaging in deep discussions with the audience.

New Product Introduction

S100 Smart Lipo Charger

S100 Smart Charger: This charger is an upgraded product for users at all levels, featuring plug-and-play, automatic recognition, and data recording storage, greatly facilitating user convenience.

Redline 2.0 Battery

Redline 2.0 Battery: Specifically designed for competitive RC cars, it offers higher discharge rates and sustained power output, making it the top choice for those seeking peak performance.

About Gens ace

gensace logo.png300_副本.png

After years of continuous innovation and development, Gens Ace Batteries has committed to becoming a leader in the RC hobby field, especially in the manufacturing of LiPo batteries and chargers. We adhere to the philosophy of "pursuit of excellence," continuously striving for a perfect combination of high-end performance and intelligent convenience to produce the highest quality RC hobby products on the market.

Facing the industry's general trend of mass production, cost reduction, and compromised quality, Gens Ace Batteries is poised to break these stereotypes and set new high standards for the entire RC model industry.

At this Beijing International Model Expo, Gens Ace Batteries displayed a series of products with exceptional performance. From high-discharge rate competition-grade LiPo batteries to intelligently managed chargers, each product exemplifies Gens Ace's meticulous craftsmanship and advanced technology. Our S100 Smart Charger and Redline 2.0 Competition RC Car Battery, among other high-quality products, embody Gens Ace’s pursuit of technical perfection and meticulous attention to detail.

Through this grand exhibition, Gens Ace Batteries has showcased its diverse product categories and forms to a global audience, establishing its leadership in the high-performance RC product field. Each new product represents our commitment to perfection and innovation.

Live Interaction

Live on Site HEC2024

Our on-site activities drew numerous participants, including "Buy a Battery, Win a Prize" and the "RC Trivia Challenge". Attendees not only enjoyed the activities but also had the chance to win a variety of exquisite, limited-edition prizes, such as chargers, model batteries, limited edition T-shirts, and backpacks.

Praise from Industry Experts and Enthusiasts

Praise from Industry Experts and Enthusiasts

At the expo, we also interviewed several industry experts and enthusiastic players, who were effusive in their praise for Gens Ace Batteries’ high-performance products and innovative technology. A seasoned player from Shanghai expressed his excitement: "Gens Ace Batteries’ products, with their outstanding performance, are perfectly suited for both entertainment and competitive RC models. I really hope Gens Ace continues to innovate and push the technology forward in RC modeling."

Live Streaming

live streams on Tik Tok

For those unable to attend in person, we arranged for Miss Gens Ace to host live streams via our official TikTok, allowing remote friends to feel the onsite atmosphere and enjoy the event's excitement. During the streams, we also invited several industry celebrities to share the fun and technical trends of model cars.


The first day of the exhibition has already been spectacular, and we anticipate even more highlights and surprises in the next two days. If you are still hesitating, why not come and experience it for yourself? We are waiting for you at Booth AE26 in Hall 11 of the Beijing Exhibition Center!

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