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Expo Preview | International Low-altitude Economy and Unmanned Systems EXPO 2024

Expo Preview | International Low-altitude Economy and Unmanned Systems EXPO 2024

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UAS EXPO May. 24--26 | Invitation from Grepow

Another major drone event is coming, and Grepow is ready to meet everyone!

Basic Information

Date: May 24th-26th, 2024

Location: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center Hall 1, China

Booth Number: 1B117

Theme: Low-altitude Economy, The Future

Tattu (Grepow sub-brand) will showcase the latest innovations in battery technology to advance the strategic development of the low-altitude economy (UAM/UTM).

Core Products:

TA1000 Charger and Tattu High Energy Density/High Voltage Battery Solution

TA1000 Charger and Tattu High Energy Density/High Voltage Battery Solution

This solution combines the charger’s compact and flexible design with the battery's high energy density, providing an integrated high-efficiency energy solution. It ensures flexible use across various environments, enhancing the flight duration and response speed of drones, significantly improving operational economy and reliability.

G-Tech Intelligent Ecosystem

Achieves smart connectivity between the battery and charger, optimizing the charging process and extending UAV battery life. The G-Tech system enhances operational efficiency and safety by monitoring real-time data and intelligently adjusting charging parameters to maintain batteries in optimal condition.

Low-Temperature, High Discharge Rate Battery Cells

Maintain excellent performance even under harsh conditions, meeting the needs of urgent and extreme tasks.

About the UAS EXPO
Expo Highlights

This year’s expo spans an area of 30,000 square meters, the largest in its history.

It is expected to feature over 500 companies from more than 100 countries and regions, displaying nearly 4,000 drones, unmanned systems, and related products.

The event is supported by over 80 government departments, research institutions, universities, industry organizations, and international agencies, with more than 10,000 delegates expected to attend.

Concurring events include the 2024 9th Shenzhen International Drone Expo and the Autonomous Driving and Unmanned Vehicle Technology Expo.

Range of Exhibits

Low Altitude Economy and Industry (UAM/UTM): Includes low altitude smart manufacturing (general aviation helicopters, drones, eVTOL, aerospace materials, onboard equipment, etc.), low altitude flight services (agriculture, forestry, fishing, low altitude logistics, emergency rescue, medical aid, training, etc.), and low altitude support services (flight information systems, communication and navigation, flight services, unmanned aerial vehicle take-off and landing, etc.).

Drones: Industrial and consumer drones.

Smart Vehicles and Robots: Smart vehicles, AI robots.

Drone Systems Overall: Drone systems.

Drone System and Industry Chain: Covers key components, control/navigation systems, mission payloads, support facility solutions, etc.

We sincerely invite you to visit the Tattu Battery booth (1B117) to experience our latest innovations in battery technology. We look forward to sharing insights with you, exploring future trends in the drone industry together, and collectively advancing the development of the low-altitude economy (UAM/UTM).

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