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New Release | Gens ace iMars S100 G-Tech AC Balance Smart Charger

New Release | Gens ace iMars S100 G-Tech AC Balance Smart Charger

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The Gens ace iMars S100 G-Tech AC Balance Charger is a powerful and versatile smart charger developed by Grepow’s sub-brand, Gens ace. With a 10 amp charge rate and 100 watts of power, it can charge a wide range of batteries efficiently. Its global voltage compatibility (100V-240V) makes it perfect for international use.

Key Features and Highlights

G-Tech Smart Technology

The iMars S100 features advanced G-Tech smart technology for ease of use and enhanced functionality, making it perfect for both beginners and experienced users.

Plug and Play: Automatically recognizes battery parameters.

Data Record and Storage: Tracks battery data for informed decision-making.

iMars S100 G-Tech Smart Charger for RC Models, Airsoft, Flight

Safe and Convenient

The iMars S100 offers advanced safety features, making it lightweight and easy to use with its plug-and-play functionality.

User-Friendly Design

Mechanical keys replace the touchpad for a more tactile interface, and the consistent UI language ensures intuitive navigation across all G-Tech chargers.

Versatile and Compatible

Designed for G-Tech smart batteries but also compatible with non-smart RC batteries, the iMars S100 supports a variety of applications, from FPV drones to racing car models.

These enhancements make the iMars S100 user-friendly and versatile. It can charge small batteries for 3-inch FPV drones and Airsoft pistols, as well as larger batteries for car models, 1:10/1:8 racing competitions, and 700-series helicopters.


Input Voltage: AC 100-240V

Charging Power: 100W

Charge Current: 10A (max)

Discharge Current: 4A (max)

Cell Balancing: 2S-6S (Lipo/Li-ion/LiHV/LiFe), 4S-18S (NiMH)

Functions: Charger/Discharge/Storage/Balance, etc.

Dimensions: 139.8x83x40mm

Weight: 260g

Accessories: AC Input Cable, XT60-T adapter, XT60-EC5 adapter, XT60-EC3 adapter, USB cable

More about G-tech [video]:

What is G-Tech? Guide to G-Tech Products Usage

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