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37000mAh NMC811 High Energy Density Battery

37000mAh NMC811 High Energy Density Battery

37000mAh NMC811 High Energy Density Battery

37000mAh NMC811 battery is Grepow's self-researched 811 high nickel battery with energy density up to 275Wh/kg, which is favored by plant protection, mapping, logistics and other UAV battery fields. Support custom-made battery for customers with special needs.
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NMC811 High Energy Density Battery Features

● Extremely light weight

27% lighter than ordinary batteries with the same number of strings and capacity

● High energy density

Energy density 275Wh/kg, 40% higher than NCM523, 40% higher than NCM62

Long cycle life

Over 80% capacity after 1000 cycles

● Customizable shape / size

● Complex-coated separator, more safety

● Can be equipped with intelligent protection board: BMS

● Si material, over-discharge resistance (2.5V)

● Long endurance

● High temperature storage 

● Fast charging capability

General parameters of 37000mAh NMC811 Cell

Why choose Grepow 37000mAh NMC811 Battery

NMC811 battery is Grepow's self-developed high nickel battery, its energy density can reach 275Wh/kg, higher than ordinary batteries, higher capacity, longer range, we can also customize NMC811 high energy density battery for different industries according to the actual needs of users so that your products have greater competitive ability.

Source manufacturer, physical factory, strong R&D production capacity, short delivery time and sufficient stock.

Self-developed battery cells, sufficient capacity, refusal of false label, guaranteed capacity

Strict quality control: Construct a comprehensive quality system from parts to finished products to ensure product quality

Safe and reliable: conform to various domestic and international battery certifications

Perfect service system: Quickly respond to customer problems and provide solutions

Instant local customer support in China, USA and Germany

Grepow NMC811 Battery Cells

You can get the following services

● Flexible support for customization

Reliable and stable performance

● Sample and mass production available

● OEM and ODM services are available

Applications of Grepow 37000mAh NMC811 battery

The 275Wh/kg high energy density battery developed and produced by Grepow is the NMC811 high nickel battery system. The higher energy density provides longer endurance and can be used in airborne manned aerial vehicles, agricultural plant protection drones, industrial patrol drones, mapping drones, logistics and transportation drones, portable energy storage and other fields.

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