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2020--Tattu drone battery put industrial drones in the industry's spotlight

2020--Tattu drone battery put industrial drones in the industry's spotlight

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Drone is the hot spot of a new round of global scientific and technological revolution and industrial revolution, and its industrial development is related to national interests and citizens' rights and interests. Because of the characteristics of low cost, no risk of casualties, strong survivability, good maneuverability and easy use of drones, it is widely used in the fields of film and television aerial photography, traditional agroforestry, industrial operations, disaster rescue, public safety and consumer and entertainment industry

Industrial drones re-insitating blood

The vitality and broad development prospects shown by the drone industry have made the social capital converge. In 2015, with the help of capital, a flood of drone entrepreneurs quickly became a capital darling. 2015 was also known by the industry as the "Year of the Drone." However, the emergence of a number of similar products has led to the first round of shuffling of drones in the consumer sector. Many well-known drone brands have cut jobs and closed down, and the market's only few major brands are beginning to turn to industrial drones. Drones are being applied to many areas of national economy and people's livelihood, playing a variety of important productive roles. Unlike the consumer drone market, the industrial market focuses primarily on the technical performance and industry applications of drones. In practice, it is necessary to communicate with industry customers and continuously improve the program, so there are strong customer stickiness and barriers.

Industrial drones detonate market value

The depth and breadpractice of industrial drones in the industry is the result of a long-term accumulation of technology and experience. It has great commercial value in different segments of each industry. It can be applied in depth to agricultural and forestry plant protection, power patrol lines, oil pipeline inspection, land mapping, marine monitoring, meteorological detection, artificial rainfall, aviation remote sensing, emergency relief, environmental protection monitoring, forest fire prevention, police patrol, traffic monitoring, logistics express, medical rescue, geological exploration, marine remote sensing, news reports, Wildlife conservation and many other industry scenes. Industrial drone manufacturing applications in many countries are still in the initial and demonstration stage, the overall technology is still relatively backward. Only in a few areas to get better development, in more industrial applications are still in the stage of continuous exploration. At present, industrial drones have not yet formed a large-scale market, the overall in the pre-explosion accumulation stage. Whether it is capital investment, enterprise resource allocation or market participation, the industrial drone industry has changed from blind expansion to controlled development, from the initial period of fanatical disorder to a new stage of rational and healthy development.As drone technology continues to evolve and commercial applications mature, there is a lot of market space for potential demand in each industry. The widespread use of drones in the industrial sector will have greater commercial value and market size.

Lithium batteries help the development of industrial drones

Industrial drones require higher product stability, safety, battery life, and the ability to perform tasks in harsher environments, which requires industrial-grade UAV manufacturers to have a core competitive advantage in addition to flight control technology. Also in the overall performance of the product performance and product quality control, with a high degree of research and development and innovation capabilities. Lithium battery products are the basic guarantee for industrial-grade drones to successfully complete a series of applications such as mapping, remote sensing, communication and monitoring.

BMS becomes advanced battery technology for drone battery chase

At present, many battery companies are focusing on this segment. However, there is a significant difference between the power battery used in drones and the batteries which are widely used in electric vehicles, electric bicycles, energy storage and other fields in the market. Because the use of industrial drones and the environment is more complex, so the power battery not only to meet the high c-rate, long-term range and so on. In addition, it is necessary to meet the special use environment such as high temperature, high pressure and high humidity. Industrial drones are highly demanding for safety, consistency and BMS systems. Therefore, to improve the power battery energy density and multiplication, reduce their own power consumption and other become the main direction of the drone battery technology.


Gepow's BMS are mainly designed for high-rate lithium batteries, suitable for intelligent lithium packs of unmanned aerial vehicles, providing security protection, data statistics and intelligent management for 12 cells lithium packs. Tattu, a Grepow-owned brand, product adopts industrial grade ARM-32 bit processor and matches high-precision AFE front-end acquisition chip to realize precise measurement and intelligent management of key parameters such as voltage, current, temperature, capacity and life cycles of each cell. Capacity, C-rate, and size are customized. Energy density can reach 260wh/kgGrepow is one of the world's largest battery manufacturer. We are the world leading battery manufacturer specialize in high discharge rate battery and modular battery in China, and among the top 5 Ni-MH manufacturers in the world, also manufacturing the LiPo and LiFePO4 battery. We are an advanced company offering research, development, production, and sales services. Welcome to the industry to come to Grepow to visit, together to feel the charm of new energy power. Together with Grepow, it's a great time for the drone industry.


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