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The Advantages of a Semi Solid Battery with High Energy Density

The Advantages of a Semi Solid Battery with High Energy Density

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Grepow is one of the pioneers and a well-known name when it comes to modern batteries and other elements necessary to keep your UAVs running smoothly. We believe in offering the best possible components for your UAVs, and our engineers are always on the lookout for something innovative, powerful, and useful for our clientele. The modern Grepow semi solid battery is yet another example of our innovative practices, and this battery offers a stacked-sheet pouch cell process to maximize the benefits.

What Is the Grepow Semi Solid Battery?

This Grepow semi solid battery utilizes an innovative stacked-sheet pouch cell process to enhance the traditional capabilities associated with most batteries. Moreover, another amazing benefit of this semi solid battery is that the capacity retention tends to stay above 80% even after 1000 cycles. So, you will not need to switch different batteries continuously. This is a cost-effective alternative to modern batteries. 1C1C After 1000 cycles tests, remain more than 80% capacity retention rate | Grepow semi solid battery The dynamic voltage imbalance is also less than 100 mV. Therefore, the construction of this battery guarantees lightweight dimensions and reliability for extended periods. The engineers also utilized a powerful silicon-carbon anode material. This material is elemental in breaking down the energy density of LiPo batteries. This is usually between 275 to 300Wh per kg. Similarly, these amazing features allow the Grepow semi solid battery to become the ideal choice for UAV drones and other electronic devices. What’s even better is that you can quickly customize these batteries per your requirements. This battery can easily become the long working time surveying drone battery or VTOL battery for modern consumers.

What Are the Highlight Features of the Grepow Semi Solid Battery?

Other than the features mentioned above, here is a brief breakdown of several highlight features of this innovative and state-of-the-art battery.

· High Energy Density

Energy density is categorized among the elemental features of any modern battery. Luckily, Grepow semi solid battery offers a higher energy density and higher voltage than other options in the market. Tattu is our sub-brand for UAV/drone battery. Therefore, we pay close attention to suitable energy sources for UAV/drones ideal for mapping, etc. You can use this battery as a fixed-wing UAV battery and customize it according to your requirements. It will still offer a higher energy density and longer working hours than other options. With an amazing discharge efficiency of up to 84%, this can serve as an ideal choice for a wide range of electronic devices. different type batteries with different energy density - HV Semi Solid Grepow

· Long Endurance and Customizable Options

Another amazing aspect of our Tattu and Grepow batteries is that they continuously offer long endurance cycles. So, you can keep using these for mapping, surveillance, VTOL, and other activities without getting worried about a high discharge ratio. Similarly, the options for specific customization also bring life to these batteries. You will rarely find batteries that offer a high level of customization for users. So, with semi solid battery, you can do whatever you want and still enjoy long endurance in any shape.

· Safety Features

Some consumers often worry about the safety features of advanced batteries. They believe that higher energy density will bring instability to the construction matrix of the device. However, Grepow uses a complex-coated separator to ensure maximum safety and protection in all circumstances. You can use this battery for any device, situation, and environment without any hassles. In addition to this, the battery is also designed to restrict negative polarity and hastened discharge ratio. The battery will offer a higher retention capacity of more than 80% even after 1000 cycles. So, you can enjoy this battery and the security features without any issues. Similarly, the intelligent protection board (BMS) is also installed to prevent any unwarranted interactions with other elements near the battery. You can request this component and enhance the security features to another level.

· Higher Specific Capacity

Lastly, our Grepow semi solid battery offers a higher specific capacity. Mainly, the positive electrode can offer up to 190mAh/g, whereas the negative electrode can offer up to 420~650mAh/g. This can be quite useful for situations and events when you need to use the battery for hours upon end continuously.

What Are the Applications of Grepow Semi Solid Battery?

You can easily use this battery for:
  • Mapping Drones
  • Surveillance Electronics
  • E-VTOL
  • Agricultural Spraying
  • Forest Fire Fighting
  • Industrial Patrol
  • Cargo Transport
  • Construction Monitoring
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Aerial Photography
  • Portable Energy Storage Power
These are merely a handful of uses for this amazing battery. You can further customize the battery per your unique requirements and use it for any device for hours.VTOL high energy density high voltage battery | Grepow Tattu

What Is the Bottom Line Here?

GREPOW semi solid battery is the new face of modern batteries. This battery offers high energy density, longer endurance, high energy capacity, and a better capacity retention ratio than most options in the market. Moreover, it is highly secure, and you can use it in unique ways by customizing it. Contact us now and find out more. Website: https://www.grepow.com/ Email: info@grepow.com

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