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Special Shaped Battery Manufacturer

Special Shaped Battery Manufacturer

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What is the shaped battery?

The shaped battery is a lithium polymer battery, also known as a shaped customizable lipo battery, which consists of a packaging film, a positive electrode, a negative electrode, an insulating diaphragm, lugs and an electrolyte. It is characterized by the regular or irregular geometry of the battery shape; the positive and negative lugs of the battery pack can be set on the same or different sides of the battery pack.

Why shaped batteries come out?

Mobile electronic products

Mobile electronic products

With the development of science and technology and the acceleration of the pace of life, mobile electronic products have become an indispensable contact tool in people's daily life. It connects individuals, groups and even the whole world together and enhances the vision of individuals. It facilitates people's travel and work and plays a great role in all aspects. However, the issue of battery life has been mentioned accordingly, and once the power is depleted, our work and life will be greatly affected. Shaped batteries are designed to improve the endurance of electronic products. For shaped battery manufacturers, shaped batteries have become one of the key points to limiting the development of finished products. Next, learn about shaped battery manufacturers and the product features.

Who Manufactures Shaped Batteries?

Lithium battery manufacturers have started to design and develop special-shaped batteries for many smartphones, smartwatches and other wearable products to meet the progress of the times. In particular, the layout of smart wear and medical devices has won first place and caused much panic in the industry. Understandably, when designing the complex interiors of smart products, a portion of the internal space is usually wasted. The advent of shaped batteries has changed this situation and allows for maximizing battery utilization and thus increasing battery capacity by customizing battery solutions to the customer's specialty.

Electronic products

According to the market demand, Grepow, a rechargeable battery manufacturer, covers a wide range of shaped batteries: round lipo batteries, C-shaped batteries, curved lipo batteries, hexagonal batteries, fan-shaped batteries, triangular batteries, ultra-thin batteries, etc., to maximize the use of product space, perfectly adapted to small portable electronic products.

Grepow Shaped Battery and applications

Grepow Shaped Battery and applications

According to scientific researchers, the shaped batteries are bendable, adjustable in shape and curvature, thin and light, with high capacity, etc. The thickness can be as low as 0.5mm, while the most critical battery capacity can be controlled between 22mAh~3450mAh according to the size of the battery. Also, it can be evaluated and customized according to customer needs.

Samples of Grepow Shaped Battery

Samples of Grepow Shaped Battery

Grepow is a trustworthy shaped battery manufacturer, which not only has an advanced development concept and good corporate culture but also has over 20 years of mature research team experience to guarantee the sustainable development of the enterprise and win the trust and support of many consumers. Grepow has been one step ahead in the field of shaped battery research and development, and the technology has been relatively mature. Next, it will continue to move forward and bring more new and more trustworthy products to our friends.

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