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Grepow NMC 811 UAV LiPo Battery Pack with High Energy Density

Grepow NMC 811 UAV LiPo Battery Pack with High Energy Density

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Are you a Photographer or Vlogger who needs to use a powerful drone/UAV with a capacity of long endurance? Or if you need to use a drone/UAV that is consists of a lightweight and long working time UAV battery, for any of your professional purpose here is a recommendation for the longest cycle time battery that you would never regret acting on.

UAV industry demand

Over the last few years, the use of drones has increased at an amazing level. In today’s world, there are multiple applications where we see the use of numerous types of drones. On widespread land, peasants use drones to monitor their livestock or specified drones are used for crop spraying, drones are so many used to track or map a specific area for multiple purposes for example to identify a wildfire, other than serious or technical usages, drones are frequently being used for entertainment purposes whether it is a matter of movie making, drama shooting, or new trends of Vlogs making or YouTube videos, drones are now an essential part of the props. So, no matter what is your profession, or what is your purpose to use a drone, no matter you are an individual ordinary user, a professional, or a company, if a drone is your necessitate, you would surely in need of a battery that has a high energy density with a long working time. [caption id="attachment_4405" align="aligncenter" width="516"]Digicopter use Tattu rline lipo battery pack Pic from Digicopter - Tattu R-line Battery[/caption] To perform all their functions properly, the drones require a battery to power them, so these specified batteries are too in high demand nowadays. In recent years, these batteries are evolving and come into the market with so many varieties that meet almost all the requirements of a drone user. Grepow, being one of the top rechargeable battery provider companies, offers you NMC 811 UAV lipo battery that is a product of Tattu, a sub-brand of Grepow.

NMC 811 UAV lipo battery

Lipo batteries are one of the most commonly used batteries for almost all types of drones because regardless of their weight and size, they offer additional benefits of high energy density. Drones are not like the grand size products, they need batteries that are lightweight so that their airscrews can spin at a moderate speed, to save the battery from drainage. grepow nmc 811 uav battery

What is new in an NMC 811 UAV lipo battery

Grepow Tattu has used an inspiring new technology to increase the energy density of already existing lipo batteries. To achieve this first-class target, NMC 811 UAV lipo battery is designed with cathode composition (Ni-Mn-Co) that is explained as an amount of 80% nickel, 10% manganese, and 10% cobalt along with the use of a cell process of the stacked-sheet pouch. The company can rightfully claim that this new technology makes the batteries more light and reliable, consisting of a longer span for executive field drones which include, consumer electronics, E-VTOL. The ability to retain stored energy, after 600 cycles can lodge more than 90% and the dynamic voltage imbalance is amazingly less than 100mV. [caption id="attachment_4406" align="aligncenter" width="603"]NMC 811 battery long cycle life Grepow NMC 811 battery cycle life's test[/caption]

Stunning Features

NMC 811 battery possesses some incredible features which differentiate it from others and due to them it can beat any other random battery in the market of rechargeable batteries. Below is a description of these unique and wonderful features.
  • Long endurance, a must-have requirement in a drone battery is being long endurance so that the users can complete the project peacefully, and they don’t have to run for charging the battery after a short period. So, the NMC 811battery offers a long endurance.
  • Customizable is a quality that can be considered as one of the best. So, no matter what size or shape you need, if it is not available in the market, don’t get worried. Grepow saves the energy and time you would waste in search of your required battery and offer you the facility of customizable NMC 811 batteries. Being a battery manufacturer Grepow offers ODM and OEM services too.
  • Complex- Coated Separator is another best feature of an NMC battery that provides more safety to the battery and the appliance in which you have to install your battery.
  • BMS means that the NMC battery is equipped with an intelligent protection board that will provide advanced management and monitoring. The BMS system plays a vital role in the safety, longevity, and performance of a battery.
  • SI Material along with over-discharge resistance.
  • High-Temperature Storage will positively affect the service life of a battery.
  • Higher Specific Capacity is another considerable feature of drone battery that helps in the maintenance factor.
  • High Energy Density is one of the most wonderful abilities of the NMC 811 battery; it allows the battery to store a greater amount of energy, the energy density can reach 275Wh/Kg, more than most UAV batteries on the market.


Before you indulge in a thought process or start analyzing whether you can use the NMC 811 battery, or not, let’s find out the specific applications, so that it becomes easy for you to choose or customize your desired battery. survey and map UAV Grepow Battery

Surveying and Mapping UAV

One of the most common applications of the NMC 811 battery is its use for surveying and mapping UAVs. Typically, in order to survey and map effectively, there is a need for a long endurance battery. After all, without such a battery, it is not possible to cover long distances without running out of charge. Therefore, you need to make the battery as light as possible to reduce the load on the UAV while still maintaining the capacity. NMC 811 battery with high energy density is just what you need for surveying and mapping UAV. It provides you with the reliability that you truly need.

Agricultural Spraying UAV

Another common application of NMC 811 battery lies in agricultural spraying UAV. Actually, agricultural spraying UAV tends to consume not only a significant time but also great battery. When the battery is not capable of enduring for a long period of time, it causes difficulties for the user. Sub-optimal batteries can ultimately lead to delays in work and reduced efficiency. In the case of the NMC 811 Battery, you can keep these worries away from your mind. After all, as high efficiency and performance battery, it provides you with the outcomes that you truly need. NMC 811 battery offers you the potential that you require to complete agricultural spraying quickly and efficiently. By the way, to improve the charging speed of the battery, we also have the NMC 532 formula battery with 3 to 5C fast charging capability, which is 60% faster than a normal battery. You can customize a unique NMC 811 battery size that perfectly fits your UAV. NMC 811 battery has a wide span of applications that further includes eVTOLs, cargo delivery drones, ariel photography drones, academic research UAVs, and so on.

How can you get one

Any ideas or to discuss the best electrical solutions for drones/UAVs/eVTOLs, please feel free to contact us by email at info@grepow.com. More channels to buy drone battery packs: USA Web or EU Web.

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