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AA Battery: Dimensions, Sizes and Comparison

AA Battery: Dimensions, Sizes and Comparison

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Now that more devices are getting integrated rechargeable batteries, in the past 2 or 3 decades, the AA batteries have been the most used. These batteries were the best because of their ample capacity, size, and voltage. Their specifications enabled them to be one of the most used batteries. From toys, wall clocks, remote controls for different devices to other small electronics, all of them used the AA batteries as their primary power source. With the advancement of battery technology, rechargeable batteries were also made in the AA size. This leads to the further popularity of these batteries. Here we will elaborate on some interesting facts about the AA battery.

Are AA Batteries Different Sizes?

The AA battery has a standard physical size but if we talk about the specs of the AA battery, this is available in many different voltage and capacity sizes. Here we will discuss some of the most common ones. Features of the different AA battery sizes. These are some of the features of all the different sizes of the AA battery.


The main difference between the different AA size batteries is their capacity. Here are some of the most common compositions of the AA batteries.

Alkaline batteries

These batteries have a capacity of 2700mAh. Being high capacity batteries, these are the best option for the power-thirsty things like children's toys.


These batteries have a relatively low capacity of only 1100mAh. These batteries have a low capacity that makes them a perfect option for things like remotes or clocks.


These batteries have a high 3000mAh capacity. The high capacity makes them good for the things that need power delivery for a long time. These can be the best for big toy cars because these batteries can last up to 3 times more than a normal alkaline battery.


This type of rechargeable AA batteries can provide about 2500mAh. The specialty of these batteries is that they are the best option for the devices where high current drainage is required by the battery.


Although these batteries provide a small capacity of about 1000mAh, these are still the best option for power tools because they can provide good current supply and their lifespan is also better than other AA batteries.


The non-rechargeable AA batteries come in the same voltage but when in the rechargeable, different chemicals used. When different chemicals are used, the composition of the battery changes. This makes these batteries available in different voltages. Most of the rechargeable batteries are available in 1.5 volts. Some of the rechargeable batteries like the nickel-cadmium are available in 1.2 volts. These batteries are great for the toys because they can provide enough power at very cost-effective prices.

What Battery is Bigger than AA Battery?

The battery bigger than the AA battery is only the slightest bit bigger than it. The main difference is in the diameter. Otherwise physically the length of the battery is the same. Here is each and everything that you need to know the battery bigger than the AA battery.


According to the naming convention, the AAA batteries are smaller, then the AA batteries come and the batteries bigger than the AA batteries are named as the A batteries.


As there is not a significant difference in the size or composition of the battery, the voltage stays the same. Even in some bigger batteries, the voltage is the same, and the capacity is increased. The voltage of the A batteries is 1.5 volts.


The capacity of these batteries is one of their major highlights. These batteries can provide up to 4500mAh of charge storage capacity.


The height of this battery is almost the same as the AA batteries. It is 50 mm in length.


The diameter of this battery is 17 mm.


Here are some of the applications of these batteries: As these batteries are made with NiCD or NiMH, they are good for power tools that require the batteries to last long and provide high amounts of current. The high charge storage capacity of these batteries made them the best choice for the older laptop batteries. Later these were replaced with the 18650 batteries. These batteries are also available in the form of different sizes of battery packs.

How Much Do You Know About AA Battery Dimensions?

Other than the ample power delivery options and the storage capacity of these AA batteries, one main reason for the popularity of these batteries was the size of these batteries. The dimensions of these batteries made them perfect for many devices. Another benefit of having them was that their size was perfect, it was neither small nor large. This made them perfect to be added to any kind of thing like toys and remotes for different things.


The height of these batteries is almost 50.0 mm. This is the perfect height for a battery because of the portability options and better power delivery than other smaller sizes.


The diameter of this battery is about 14.4 mm that makes it the perfect thickness for a battery.


As the perfect dimensions make AA batteries the best option to be used in almost every portable device, here are some applications of these batteries.

The wireless keyboards and mice.

The wireless keyboards and mice that do not have a built-in rechargeable battery use the AA battery because this type of the battery takes almost no space in their body. Other than this, these batteries can power the devices for months of efficient use.

Electric Drink Frother

This small device also uses the AA battery because one AA battery is enough to power its motor and you can use one battery for up to several times.

Wireless Doorbells

The wireless doorbells need a power source. The AA batteries make a good power source because these batteries can last for months and they keep the size of those wireless bells compact as well.


Being one of the most used batteries, this battery is made in different forms. It is available in different compositions that make it best for all different kinds of usage where you need more power, storage capacity, or longer life from these batteries.
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