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Mine NiMH Battery ODM/OEM

Mine NiMH Battery ODM/OEM
Mine NiMH Battery ODM/OEM

Mine NiMH Battery ODM/OEM

Mining explosion-proof nickel-hydrogen battery performance quality requirements are relatively high, Grepow battery has more than 25 years of nickel-hydrogen battery brand manufacturers, battery certification is complete, there is a special mining certification system of NiMH batteries, and nickel-hydrogen battery specifications of a wide range and complete, while supporting NiMH battery custom wholesale services.
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Specifications of 24v 10000mah Mine Nimh Battery

Why choose Grepow to Custom Mine NiMH batteries 

Established in 1998, Grepow focuses on the production of more environmentally friendly rechargeable NiMH batteries, and has 25 years of rich experience in the production of NiMH batteries. The daily production capacity of NiMH battery is 500000pcs, and it is available to custom NiMH battery for mining Industry. 

● Wide working temperature range -20℃~60℃ suitable for mining equipment

● Provides bulk customization and wholesale: if you need different capacity mining battery, you can customize it

● Short delivery time: 7 days for samples, 35 days for large shipments

● Long cycle life of mining battery: ≥1000 cycles

● Grepow mining explosion-proof NiMH batteries are of low internal resistance, high current, small volume, high energy, green, no mercury, chromium, lead and other harmful substances, passed authoritative testing and certification, with CE, CD, UN38.3, KC and other certification qualifications, and also have mining explosion-proof NiMH battery certification!

Grepow NiMH battery pack structure for mining Industry

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