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Agricultural Spraying Drone, making farming more precise and efficient

Agricultural Spraying Drone, making farming more precise and efficient

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The world trends continuously moving forward are filled with innovation and technology in all fields. In order to provide as much food security as possible for the world's growing population, modern farmers are turning to new technologies, such as drones. Agricultural Spraying Drone/Plant Protection Dronecan make every inch of farmland available, with the result of making agriculture precise, optimizing field management, reducing operational costs, improving crop quality, and increasing yields.

Save time and labor

There are plenty of use cases for drones in precision agriculture, as they fly over farm fields in a variety of roles, serving as the farmers' " skyline eyes" and in some ways replacing people directly involved in the operation. From pre-planning of field exploration to spraying of pesticides, a huge amount of labor and time is saved. The flight plans being performed by drones could have been much more:

  • fertilizing

  • weeding

  • Fungiciding

  • Seeding

  • Pollinating

  • Irrigating

  Agriculture and technology Grepow Drone Battery

Accurate analysis and monitor

One of the biggest uses of plant protection drones is to monitor plant health, with a configuration called the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), which allows the drone to use different colors or marker information to indicate plant health, the results are presented to serve as a monitor, then enable farmers to control the growth of their crops at a glance. And to deal with any concerns as fast as possible to rescue the plant. Use the camera to create highly accurate maps, called orthomosaics. The topographic map of farmland obtained by mosaicking helps farmers to adjust their land for more accurate farm planning. This is faster and more efficient than traditional methods.

Accurate analysis and monitor

Improve crop yield

Drones/UAVs/eVTOLs can obtain crop data more quickly and frequently, which allows farmers to get a quicker handle on issues such as irrigation, soil problems, and plant diseases, and act promptly to put plants in optimal growing conditions to meet expected crop yields. With precision agriculture, overall crop quality can be improved, increasing yields and saving funds.

Precise and safe spraying

Spraying is a relatively large part of agricultural activities, manual spraying is very time-consuming and labor-intensive, with chemicals that can be hazardous to health in some way. Using drones to heal infected plants is more precise than manual labor. Farmers can plan flight trails in areas that need to be sprayed, and dosages can be programmed to set fixed values, cutting out unnecessary waste and making farmland free of excessive chemical residue, reducing environmental pollution, and making food healthier.

agriculture precise - Grepow Tattu Drone Battery

With all the convenience and intelligence that drones provide in agricultural activities, this technology has great potential to continue to revolutionize the industry. Not only drones, but also their accessories and peripherals are constantly evolving, striving to take the performance of drones to a higher level. Take the battery as an example, the drone most need low weight and high-quality current output, Grepow (Tattu) developed a smart battery with BMS, so that the flyer can check the battery status at any time, where the Tattu Pro/Tattu Plus/Tattu 3.0 with housing has a waterproof capability, when the pesticide has been sprayed will not spill into the battery pack, preventing the battery to end its life prematurely.

Tattu 3.0 smart drone battery

In 2021 the company presented an exciting achievement - possessing a high energy density NMC 811 battery with 275Wh/Kg extending the flight time of drones/UAVs/eVTOLs (30%). This recipe of battery has already started to provide a constant flow of juice to the drone industry. For more information, please click the official website link: https://www.grepow.com/nmc811-battery.html

Grepow nmc 811 uaV battery


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