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T-Box Ni-MH Battery ODM/OEM

T-Box Ni-MH Battery ODM/OEM

T-Box Ni-MH Battery ODM/OEM

Vehicle T-BOX battery uses a wide temperature nickel-metal hydride battery, the battery performance is relatively excellent, can work normally in a more harsh environment, the reason why the battery performance requirements are so harsh is mainly because the role of the vehicle T-BOX is as important as the black box of the aircraft, which is a device that can automatically send distress information after the accident in the car, so that rescuers can quickly find the location of the accident and let the rescue win the best rescue effect.
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Vehicle T-box battery is currently the most used high-performance wide temperature NiMH batteries, and the models are AAA500 \ AAA600 \ AA1000 \ AA1300, etc.

AAA500 and AAA600 refer to aaa cylindrical NiMH batteries, and the numbers refer to the battery capacity size, which are 500mAh and 600mAh respectively;

AA1000 and AA1300 refer to aaa cylindrical NiMH batteries, and the numbers refer to the capacity in mAh.

General Parameters of Grepow T-Box Ni-MH Battery 

Why choose Grepow to manufacture T-BOX NiMH batteries

Established in 1998, Grepow focuses on the production of more environmentally friendly rechargeable NiMH batteries, and has 25 years of rich experience in the production of NiMH batteries. The daily production capacity of NiMH battery is 500000pcs, and it is available to custom NiMH battery for vehicle T-BOX.

Wide working temperature range: -40℃~80℃ suitable for vehicle T-BOX equipment.

Customized and wholesale: if you need different capacity batteries, you can customize them.

Short delivery time: 7 days for samples, 35 days for large shipments

Long cycle life of NiMH battery for car T-BOX: more than 1000 cycles

Battery pack with NTC, PTC, wire and connector to ensure the service life and good match with customer's T-BOX to ensure stable output under the limit of electrical appliances, all can be customized.

UL3385 24# and UL1659 24# high temperature resistant wires are used to ensure stable power output.

T-BOX NiMH batteries

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