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What is T-Box and What battery does T-box use?

What is T-Box and What battery does T-box use?

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I. What is T-Box?


Telematics system contains 4 parts: host, car T-Box, mobile APP and background system. The host is mainly used for audio and video entertainment in the car, as well as vehicle information display; Telematics Box, referred to as the car T-Box, is mainly used to communicate with the background system / cell phone APP, to achieve the cell phone APP vehicle information display and control.

P.s. Internet of Vehicles is to establish the connection between vehicles and people, vehicles and roads, vehicles and vehicles through in-vehicle network, in-vehicle mobile Internet and inter-vehicle network, to realize intelligent dynamic information services, intelligent vehicle control and intelligent traffic management.

Ⅱ. What is the main role of t-box and where is it installed?

1. What is the main function of t-box?

T-Box through 4G/5G remote wireless communication, GPS satellite positioning, acceleration sensing and CAN communication functions, to achieve remote monitoring of vehicles, security monitoring and alarm, real-time collection of vehicle information, car path driving records, car-related fault monitoring, and the role of remote control of the car through the network.

 What is the main role of t-box and where is it installed

At present, T-Box can be divided into two categories: one category has standard specification constraints, mainly used in new energy vehicles; the other category, there is no standard specification constraints, currently mainly fuel vehicles in use. China has fully implemented the national six standards since July 1, 2020, and the pre-market assembly volume of T-Box for passenger cars in China is 6.13 million in 2018, and the assembly volume of T-Box for passenger cars is expected to reach 14.16 million sets by 2023. This shows that the market demand for in-car T-BOX will always exist in the future. So where are in-car t-boxes installed?

2. Where is the car t-box installed?

The installation location of T-Box is not uniform from manufacturer to manufacturer, but the general T-Box installation locations are: inside the dashboard, next to the gas pedal, under the main/passenger seat, inside the center console of the car, inside the glove box, inside the gear cover, etc. For forensics on T-Box, the module is usually removed from the car and the corresponding forensic tool is used for forensics. Since the installation position of the T-Box is not fixed, the disassembly should be carried out by professional repair shops or after-sales departments of 4S stores.

A:Car t-box dashboard installation position

Car t-box dashboard installation position

B:Car t-box installation position by the gas pedal

Car t-box installation position by the gas pedal

C:Mounting position under the main/passenger seat of t-box

Mounting position under the main/passenger seat of t-box

D: Installation position inside the car t-box's central control

Installation position inside the car t-box's central control

Ⅲ. What battery is used in a t-box?

Car t-box has the name of "car black box", its importance is self-evident, so the national policy requires cars to install car t-box, and because the car t-box working environment requirements are relatively high, the car t-box battery performance requirements are also very high. Since this is the case, what kind of battery can be used in the car t-box to meet the requirements of safety and working environment?

Car t-box battery in the operating temperature reaches -40 ℃ to +80 ℃. In this temperature range to maintain normal and stable work, the most current applications are high-performance wide temperature NiMH batteries, and the models are AAA500 \ AAA600 \ AA1000 \ AA1300, etc.

AAA500 and AAA600 refer to aaa NiMH batteries, which are also one of the commonly referred to as No. 7 batteries. 500 and 600 refer to the battery capacity, which are 500 mAh and 600 mAh respectively;

Grepow high-performance wide temperature NiMH batteries

AA1000 and AA1300 refer to aaa NiMH battery, which is also one of the commonly known as No.5 battery, 1000 and 1300 refer to the battery capacity, 1000 mAh and 1300 mAh respectively;

Due to the harsh working environment of the car t-box battery, at present, the batteries used are basically NiMH batteries. This is also because at present only NiMH batteries are not only in line with the working requirements, but also relatively cheap in terms of price. As for the battery model capacity specifications and other such, mainly also the above-mentioned several NiMH batteries, Grepow Battery as a professional high-performance NiMH battery manufacturer, has a variety of special NiMH batteries, its production of NiMH batteries can meet the T-box in many harsh environments!

T-Box battery solution

This is all about the basic information and applicable batteries of t-box. If you have any battery-related questions and needs, please send us a message. Grepow Rechargeable battery customization manufacturer: info@grepow.com.


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