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Li-ion 3.85V Button-Cell Battery GRP1254 75mAh

Li-ion 3.85V Button-Cell Battery GRP1254 75mAh

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The following specification is suitable for the performance of rechargeable lithium-ion (li-ion) button cell battery GRP1254 produced by the SHENZHEN GREPOW BATTERY CO., LTD.

Basic parameters of GRP1254

Model No. GRP1254 G1
Nominal Voltage
Nominal Capacity
75 mAh (at 0.2C from 4.4V to 3.0V at 20℃)
Minimum Capacity
73 mAh (at 0.2C from 4.4V to 3.0V at 20℃)
Watt Hour (Wh)
Internal Impedance(IR)
< 0.18Ω @1kHz


Diameter [mm]: 12.1+0.0/-0.1

Height [mm]: 5.45±0.15

Weight. approx [g]: 1.80±0.15

Charge and Discharge Specifications

1) Charge Specifications

0.5C CC (constant current) charge to 4.4V, then CV (constant voltage 4.4V) charge till charge current decline to ≤0.03C.

Charging time:

Standard Charging: 3 hours (Ref.)

Rapid charge: 1.5 hours (Ref.)

2) Discharging Specifications

Cut Off Voltage: 3.0V

Max. Discharging Current: 2.0C / 250 mA (Continuous)

5.0C / 500 mAh (Non-Continuous)

Discharging Temperature: -20 to 60 ℃ [-4 to 140℉]

Storage Temperature

1 Year at -20 to 20℃ > 90%

3 Month at -20 to 45℃ > 90%

1 Month at -20 to 60℃ > 85%

Note: Capacity Recovery Rate [%]

Safety Certifications

UN 38.3, relevant tests acc. IEC 62133.


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Grepow Li in button cell battery

More available information about rechargeable button-cell Li-ion battery: https://www.grepow.com/page/button-cell-battery.html

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