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10 Precautions for Lithium Polymer Battery Customization

10 Precautions for Lithium Polymer Battery Customization

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If the customized information provided by the customized lithium polymer battery is incomplete, it will not only affect the work efficiency but also cause misunderstanding of poor working ability. More importantly, it may cause a large safety hazard to the product, so GREPOW is for the lithium polymer battery. Customization summarizes a few experiences for battery customers to refer to, whether it is to do project product design or custom battery solution report will be very helpful.

1. The width dimension of the lithium polymer battery flange

Because the polymer battery generally adopts single-folding or double-folding technology, the battery edge will be loosened when the battery is folded. For example, the original folding edge is 20mm wide, and the flange will be loosened after the folding. 20.3mm or so, don't worry about it at this time, this is also the time to test the product designer, remember to leave more space or leave battery space.

lithium polymer battery parameter

2. The thickness of the finished lithium-polymer battery

Since the polymer battery itself has expansion property, all the soft pack batteries will expand after being charged and discharged for a certain number of times, so the thickness expansion ratio should be considered in the design of the product, and the force and force card of the caliper card battery thickness is used, and the thickness is There will be changes, do not believe that you can find a lithium polymer battery caliper to test the thickness, at least 10 wire thickness deviation.

3. Battery material system

Most of the digital products use ternary battery material systems, such as mobile phones, tablet computers, Bluetooth headsets, etc., while the high-capacity polymer batteries used in vehicles use more lithium iron phosphate systems; the ternary materials are normally 3.7V. The voltage, while the iron-lithium material is 3.2V.

polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) separator

4. The capacity of the lithium polymer battery

A certain capacity can be achieved in the corresponding battery space, but not 100% of this battery capacity segment, so the custom battery manufacturer will give the upper and lower limits of the battery capacity; for example, when evaluating the manufacturer The design capacity given is 100mAh, and 95mAh will appear in the actual production process. These are normal, because the design will have positive and negative tolerances, so don't bite the word to lift it.

5. lithium polymer battery voltage system

High voltage and common voltage must be distinguished. For example, when using a high voltage 4.35V (full charge) voltage system, it must be clearly stated in the specification of the lithium polymer battery, and the ordinary voltage is 4.2V (when fully charged). If you do not explain clearly that we will generally customize the 4.2V voltage system, it is recommended that you understand the power supply scheme of your product chip to see what voltage system is suitable.

customized lithium polymer battery

6. Battery operating current rate

For example, some Bluetooth headset batteries have a relatively small operating current. Generally, 0.2C discharge is enough; while the RC battery operating current is generally about 10A. For example, a 600mAh battery for a model airplane can continue to be discharged at 20C. Use on, so be sure to know the working current when customizing the battery, it is best to continue how many A, how much A current to work instantly.

7. Battery pole ear

The lithium-polymer battery should pay attention to the overall size of the battery, especially the positive electrode ear size of the polymer battery, because the positive electrode of the soft pack battery is particularly fragile, and it is easy to break when folded several times. Generally, the positive electrode is laser-transferred to nickel, when in use. According to experience, the number of bending of the positive ear should not exceed 3 times. If the battery capacity is large enough, a thick and wide lithium polymer battery customized solution can be used to solve the problem of easy breakage of the ear.

8. Polymer battery output

Generally, the output of small polymer batteries is mostly wire, and some of them are output terminal wires of the battery, which involves the corresponding types of terminals, such as JST terminal, PH terminal, 1.25 terminal, 2.0 terminal, 2.54 terminal, 3.96 terminal, etc. Etc., the other terminals are also positive and reverse. If the wrong direction is connected, the product will not work and even burn out the product. If you are not sure, you can provide the plug-in socket and battery power input circuit to the other party, or face-to-face communication. Basically, it can ensure that the lithium polymer battery can be customized in one time without error.

battery cell structure

9. Battery pack finished product

Most of the PACK finished batteries are equipped with protective plates, wires, plug wires, casings, etc., and some special ones may need to add FPC soft cable, such as Apple mobile phone batteries, some need to add plastic shell, such as walkie-talkie battery; Others need to add communication protocols, such as battery for vehicles; so these items must be clear in the process of customizing the lithium polymer battery, involving high current, shell and shell color, silkscreen, communication protocol, etc. The content is more detailed, the better, the more detailed the more can reduce the mistakes.

10. The outer shell of the polymer battery

Do not deliberately scratch the surface of the battery, because the surface of the lithium polymer battery is very fragile and it is easy to scratch if accidentally. The quality of the customer should not scratch the surface of the battery with the fingernails during the incoming inspection. We should put an end to these unnoticed behaviors. Please support all manufacturers of lithium polymer battery custom, please communicate more details, more inclusive, more cooperation. I hope this article can help customers with customized battery. Of course, these can be extended to other products. I hope that the 10 factors of lithium polymer battery customization will be inspiring. 

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