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Grepow Custom Battery Packs for Asset Tracking Devices

Grepow Custom Battery Packs for Asset Tracking Devices

Editorial:Eva Wei Issue Date:2021-07-27 Views:1580

Grepow manufactures custom battery packs for a variety of asset-tracking devices.  These devices can be used for everything from tracking product shipments to monitoring the location of children in crowded amusement parks.  Therefore, the batteries in these devices must provide reliable, durable performance, and must be able to withstand harsh environmental conditions.  House of Batteries' custom battery solutions provide unmatched quality and reliability in any asset tracking application.

Our custom battery packs can be found in various asset tracking devices, such as:

  • Location trackers for semi-trucks, trailers and containers GPS system,
  • RFID tags and scanners
  • Child location monitors
  • Barcode scanner
  • House arrest ankle monitor
  • Wildlife tracking tags
  • etc.

Tracking Devices Battery Test

Because asset tracking devices are used in a variety of locations, from climate-controlled retail stores to mountain roads, the device's battery components must be able to withstand a variety of environmental factors.  Extreme temperatures, strong winds, dirt, dust, debris, and many other hazards are encountered every day.  Grepow conducts extensive testing on all battery packs to ensure that they provide optimal performance even in the most difficult conditions.

Our custom battery packs go through three levels of testing: incoming inspection of all components, in-process inspection during manufacturing, and final inspection on completion.  Additional testing is available upon customer request.  We maintain a complete record of all test procedures, which can be made available to our customers upon request.

Grepow is an ISO 9001 certified and ITAR registered battery manufacturer.

For more information about our custom battery packs for asset tracking devices, please contact us immediately.  We have the expertise and experience to create the perfect customized battery solutions for high-tech devices large and small.


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