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45C High Discharge Battery - High C Rate LiPo

45C High Discharge Battery - High C Rate LiPo

45C High Discharge Battery - High C Rate LiPo

45C high rate Li-polymer batteries generally refer to high rate batteries that support high current discharge up to 45C. Due to the relatively high discharge current, they are basically soft pack batteries manufactured using a laminated sheet process. The stacking soft pack process makes batteries high flexibility and flexibility in shape and size. Therefore, there are many types and sizes of 45C high rate batteries, which aremostly customized high rate batteries.
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45C High Discharge Rate Lipo Features

High Discharge Battery of High performance in power, discharge, and life cycles due to stacking process.

● High performance in power, discharge, and life cycles due to stacking process.

 Ability to achieve 150C pulse, 90C discharge for 2 seconds, 45C continuous discharge, and 5C fast charging.

 Provides better temperature stability and tolerance due to the allowance of higher discharge rate.

 Ultra-thin characteristics, light weight, flexible size, flexible shapes, and ability to accommodate many applications.

 With ultra-thin characteristics, small size, extremely light weight, High discharge rate lithium polymer can be made into a variety of shapes and capacities of shaped batteries, thickness can reach 0.5mm.

Part of 45C High Discharge Cells parameters table

Model NO.

C rate

Capacity (mAh)

Voltage (V)

Weight (g)

Thickness (mm)

Width (mm)

Length (mm)









Why Grepow custom 45C High Rate Lipo Cells

45C High Rate Lipo Cells

45C high rate lithium polymer ( lipo ) battery is one of the core technology products of Grepow, using electrode materials 

that are beneficial to high rate discharge. As a manufacturer of high rate battery, Grepow also provides integrated battery system customization service of high rate Li-ion battery cell customization + battery management system (BMS) + 

structure design. Users can customize the high rate battery solution suitable for their own industry according to actual 

needs, so that your products have greater competitive ability.

Source manufacturer, physical factory, strong R&D production capacity, short delivery time and sufficient stock.

Self-developed high rate lithium battery cells, sufficient capacity, refusal of false label, guaranteed capacity.

Strict quality control: construct a full range of quality system from parts to finished products to ensure product quality

Safe and reliable in line with a variety of domestic and international battery certification

Perfect service system: quick response to customer problems and provide solutions

Provide local instant customer support in China, USA and German

We provide the following services.

Flexible support for customized solutions

Reliable and stable performance

Samples and mass production available

OEM, ODM available

Applications of high rate lithium batteries

Grepow's high rate batteries are mainly used in model airplane, racing RC cars, power tools, electric racing cars, electric parachute cars, formula racing cars, electric skateboards, electric pacemakers, jump starters, portable power supplies, starter batteries, etc. Our R&D team works closely with customers to provide the right solution for their battery applications.

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