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UPS is used in many application scenarios, such as off-grid systems, company servers, building elevators, etc.. What is UPS? Today, Zac is going to be talking about a UPS backup battery.

What is UPS?

A UPS is an uninterruptible power supply, also known as a backup battery. It provides a constant voltage and uninterruptible frequency of power.  Its main components are an energy storage device and an inverter. The role of the UPS is to provide emergency power when your regular power supply fails either from a short, a tripped fuse, or even a blackout.

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So, why is a UPS so important? It’s because without a UPS, your device can be damaged and consequences can come about as a result.

The role of UPS

There are two leading factors to damaging devices: an instant loss of power and power surges (examples of power surges are induced high voltages or electrical line noise, etc.). Power disruption can cause damage,  severe business disruption, data loss, or, in more severe cases, fatalities. Thus, a UPS protects hardware components of machines such as computers, data centers, telecommunication equipment, and other electrical equipment.

Battery Monday 20201117 The role of the UPS

Case Study of UPS

A simple example of a UPS is a laptop battery. Let’s say that you’re working on a project or playing a game on your laptop, and you plug it into the appropriate surge protector.  And then, all of a sudden, your power turns off.  Even though all the devices around you are turned off, your work on the laptop won’t be disrupted because of the laptop’s battery.

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