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What is An L Shaped Battery?

What is An L Shaped Battery?

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The performance of smartphones is getting stronger and stronger, but in stark contrast is the stagnation of battery life experience. This point has also been complained about by many users, but this situation is hoped to be completely changed. At present, mobile phone manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung are preparing a brand-new  L shaped battery structure. What exactly is this L shaped battery?

Why is the battery life of mobile phones always unsatisfactory?

A long time ago, most mobile phones were designed with removable batteries, so many people did not feel the importance of battery life. The phone is dead, just replace it with a spare battery. However, 99% of mobile phones now use an integrated body, which means that the direction of adding physical equipment is no longer feasible. But at the same time, hardware performance has been continuously enhanced, causing the machine to run more and more power-consuming. Since it is no longer possible to change the battery, mobile phone manufacturers have switched to another way of thinking, which is to make mobile phones more power-efficient. The software level is nothing more than optimizing the background, strengthening the power saving mode, system optimization, etc.; the power saving at the hardware level is to choose lower power components. At the same time, increase the battery power of the mobile phone to a certain extent to ensure long battery life. Although the above power-saving strategies do help to improve battery life from a certain point of view, their implementation methods are not ideal enough, and even have many disadvantages. For example, simply increasing the battery power generally only appears on low-end mobile phones, while others will not adopt this strategy, because a battery with too large a capacity will make the body thicker, which is not conducive to appearance and feel. So to put it simply, there are two main reasons for the unsatisfactory battery life of current mobile phones: First, there is no breakthrough change in battery materials and charging methods; second, the internal structure of the mobile phone as a precision electronic device is similar, leaving it to The location and space of the battery are extremely limited.

Mobile phone structure that reserves more space for the battery

Among the above two reasons, the first problem is currently more difficult to breakthrough. On the one hand, the possibility of a breakthrough in battery material in a short period of time is not high; on the other hand, although wireless charging currently supports fast charging, it is still impossible to achieve air-to-air charging. As a result, the second issue has become a new focus for a few manufacturers. The idea is to completely change the previous internal structure of traditional mobile phones and introduce a battery with a larger capacity. To this end, manufacturers will have to make the following two major adjustments in the internal structure:

1. The overall structure is changed from tiled to stacked

Friends who have seen the disassembly know that the motherboard and various components of the mobile phone are tiled in the shell. This type of tiled structure allows all the parts in the fuselage to be clear at a glance. The smartphones currently on the market use any-layer HDI (any-layer high-density interconnection board) motherboards and their space is basically relatively fixed. SLP Some motherboard manufacturers said that the trend of the future motherboard structure of mobile phones should be a brand-new carrier-like design, that is, Substrate-like PCB, or SLP for short. SLP motherboards will adopt a stacked design, which will reduce the space occupied by chips, DRAM, and other components through a larger number of hierarchical structures. At present, SLP-type carrier boards have begun mass production, so there is no big problem with adopting this structure in mobile phones in the future. In addition to the technology owned by Taiwanese motherboard manufacturers, Samsung Electro-Mechanics has also solved the packaging technology problem of the SLP structure, so future Samsung mobile phones will undoubtedly adopt this design.

2. Introduce special shaped batteries represented by L shaped

After the space is free, the next step is to plug in a larger capacity battery. Traditionally shaped batteries all use a conventional square design, but this type of battery and SLP structure are not fast-matched, which often results in an area under the component. phone battery design Therefore, it is said that Apple has adopted a simple and rude solution on the iPhone 8: first insert a battery A with a larger size and capacity, and then insert a smaller battery B. The two together supply power to the phone, which can be extended. Half-day battery life. However, this simple and rude "1+1=2" is not integrated enough, after all, it is not a long-term solution, so Apple's eyes are aimed at the new product of the special shaped battery. The shape of the special shaped battery is actually different from the traditional battery. There are round, T-shaped, bottle-shaped, hexagonal, and triangular shapes. At present, this type of product is represented by the L-shape in the mobile phone industry. L shaped battery Just like Tetris, the L shaped battery has better integration and higher production costs than the "big and small batteries", and can tightly surround the motherboard and other components. Of course, the splicing of the large and small batteries of the iPhone 8 can also be regarded as an "L shaped" battery, but the real L shaped battery uses an integrated design.

Why do we need L shaped batteries?

The reason why Apple and Samsung both favor L shaped batteries is mainly that this type of battery design has several advantages that traditional batteries do not have: One is a larger capacity. It is said that the battery capacity of the iPhone with an L shaped battery will increase by about 30%, and it may exceed 3500mAh, while the battery capacity of the iPhone 7 Plus is 2900mAh. According to the power consumption of iOS, its battery life performance will be very prominent. The other is faster-charging speed. Although Apple has released fast charging on the iPad Pro, the output power of the iPhone is still pitifully low, and the speed is as slow as a snail. The L-type battery can make charging faster, and when paired with wireless charging, the charging experience will be even higher. It can be seen that the SLP structure with an L shaped battery will become the standard configuration of high-end smartphones. Once Apple and Samsung adopt this design, other mobile phone manufacturers may also actively follow up. The battery life problem that has plagued consumers for a long time is finally about to be solved.

L shaped battery manufacturer - Grepow Battery

Grepow battery manufacturer was established in 1998 and has professional battery manufacturing experience. At present, the company that spends the most attention on special shaped batteries is GREPOW. In contrast, companies such as Samsung SDI focus more on traditional battery design. In fact, this is understandable, because GREPOW always likes to develop some novel technologies, and old users have already known it. We have a series of special shaped batteries. There are various shapes of batteries, including L shaped batteries, which can make perfect use of equipment space and increase battery capacity. But precisely because of this, GREPOW has become a battery supplier for some of the world's top 500 companies. GREPOW has a technical background in special shaped batteries and is very willing to invest in this project. For more information, please click: L Shaped Battery Email us info@grepow.com

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