What affects a drone’s flight time?

What affects a drone’s flight time?

You may have heard that drones can sometimes be in the air for ten, maybe twenty minutes, or even more. So why is there such a wide range of different times?

That’ s because drones’ flight times depend on numerous factors that customers must take into account when flying their devices.

We will explore these different components in this article. Considering that lithium polymer batteries have become more widely used as the main power sources for drones, this article will be in the context of lithium polymer batteries.

Various factors for flight time


It is vital that users consider how much payload their drones can carry especially as there are limitations of the weight on every device.

The weight must be evaluated even in the case of lithium batteries. As the capacity and voltages increase so does the weight of the batteries themselves, which will, in turn, affect how long, fast, and flexible the drone can be in flight.


The optimum working temperature for lithium batteries of drones is around 20°C. When the temperature increases to more than this, more power from the battery will be consumed.

Weather Conditions

Flying in strong winds can be dangerous and shorten the life of batteries.  If users operate their devices when the winds are fairly calm and slight, their batteries will not need to exert as much power to hover and fly against the weather as when there are gusts or storms in the area.

Propeller Guards

Also known as blade shields, these accessories can add weight to the drone and shorten the flight time.  However, they are a great option to protect propellers especially in the case of a crash.

How to maximize your drone battery‘s performance

Charge Correctly

To ensure the best drone battery life, you can choose to fully charge the battery before using the drone. Be careful to ensure that you are aware of whether your battery is high-voltage or not so that you appropriately set the fully-charged voltage per cell without over discharging or over charging your drone battery.

Make sure that the battery has gotten a chance to rest before placing it back on the drone. When not in use, it is important that batteries are put in storage mode.

Don’t Drain the Drone Battery

It’s a fact that a battery’s life can shorten if it is drained to the very bottom during flight.  Aircrafts can even be destroyed if users are not careful.  When the battery power is less than 20%, it is best to turn around and recharge or switch batteries.

Choose a Smooth Flight

Flying violently with rapid turns and at full speed will consume a lot of electricity. Try to be steady and smooth during your flight to prolong your drone battery life.

Choose a Well-known Brand on the Market

Well-known brands have higher performance in all aspects, and choosing them can protect your drone better.

Tattu is one of these great brands with a stellar reputation. Manufactured by Grepow, its batteries have efficient heat-dissipation; resilient, dust proof sheets; and sealed waterproof and flexible shockproof protections.  Most importantly, the batteries can be customized to your needs.

For more information, check out our custom-made items.

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