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What is Modular battery? | Battery Monday

What is Modular battery? | Battery Monday

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What is the Modular battery?

Modular batteries are advanced energy solutions that can be connected in parallel or series to increase capacity or voltage. They are widely used for devices that require high capacity or high voltage in order to operate.

Before we go ahead and start the modular battery discussion, we'll need to cover a few battery terms first: cells, battery packs, and modular batteries. Although these words are usually collectively referred to as "batteries", each word actually has a different meaning.

"Cell", "Battery Pack" and "Modular Battery"

"Cell", "Battery Pack" and "Modular Battery"

A cell is the building block for batteries. One battery cell contains five different parts: the electrolyte, the cathode, the anode, the separator, and the housing. A good example would be the 18650 cylindrical cells or a pouch cell.

Structure of Battery Cell

Structure of Battery Cell

A battery pack, on the other hand, is a finished product, consisting of one or more cells that are connected in series or in parallel with a positive and negative terminal for charging and discharging. A battery pack may also contain a PCB (Printed Circuit Board; it's also known as a PCM (Protection Circuit Module) or BMS (Battery Management System), a cooling system, and possibly other types of protection systems, such as a hard case.

or BMS (Battery Management System) | Battery Monday | Grepow

Multi-Series and multi-parallels battery pack

Certain applications such as electric vehicles and mass power storage, like solar grids, require a huge battery pack. To get there, we have to create modular batteries. A modular battery is a battery pack that has been designed to work in tandem with other battery packs of the same specification. By introducing or reducing batteries in a modular set up, you'll be able to fulfill your power requirement without being limited to a set capacity or voltage. The main advantage of a modular battery is that it is easy to replace. If one of the modules fails, you can directly replace that module instead of scrapping the entire battery system--failure of one module will not impact the system or the site operation.

Modular battery | Battery Monday | Grepow

Modular battery | Battery Monday | Grepow

Grepow Modular Battery with Max. 4S and 10P

Another great advantage of modular batteries is the heat dissipation: With a good battery management system, modular batteries will dissipate heat much better than a single large battery pack. An example of a modular battery is the 12.8V, 7Ah version designed by Grepow. This modular battery can support up to 4 groups of batteries in series and 10 groups of batteries in parallel. You can configure the module battery according to the needs of the electrical equipment that you have. If your previous lead-acid battery system is a 24V, 20Ah battery, then you can use 6 groups of 12.8V 7Ah modular batteries in series and parallel to achieve 25.6V, 21Ah.


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This is all that we're covering today. If you have any questions about today's topic or have any battery-related things you want to know, please feel free to contact us by email at info@grepow.com. We may answer your question in the next Battery Monday!

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