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More on Battery Cycle Life | Battery Monday

More on Battery Cycle Life | Battery Monday

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In today's Battery Monday, we’ll be going over battery cycle life.

Battery Cycle Life

In theory, you would think a rechargeable battery could last forever because it can be recharged indefinitely. But in reality, every battery has a finite lifespan, and every battery will reach the end of its cycle life, which is the topic that we will introduce in this video. The cycle life of a battery is the number of full discharge and charge cycles, and it is used to define a battery’s life expectancy.  Generally, the cycle life of batteries can range from 500-2500 cycles which equates to 18 months-3 years.   battery cycle life - battery monday grepow

Deep Discharge and Shallow Discharge

You’ll recognize the end of a battery cycle when its performance, specifically the amount of time it takes to operate a device, starts to degrade. The charging will slow down due to the buildup of internal resistance, and you’ll find yourself charging your appliances or devices more often. Simply put, discharging a battery requires a battery’s voltage to be drained or decreased.  There are different methods to discharging: deep discharge and shallow discharge. Deep discharging a battery is undergone through a process of completely discharging the battery before recharging it. On the other hand, shallow discharging a battery requires the battery to be partially discharged and then recharged. battery deep discharge and shallow discharge - battery monday grepow

Battery Cycle Life and Charge Cycle

The battery cycle life and the charge cycle are inextricably linked. The cycle life is actually a calculation of the charge cycle, and when the battery has reached a complete charge cycle, it will reduce the remaining cycles by one.  Generally, the number of life cycles of a Li-ion battery is based on the quality of the battery and the battery material. LiPo batteries have about 500 cycles while LiFePO4 batteries have about 2500 cycles Now, the numbers referenced for cycle life is a general rule of thumb, but at the end of the day, you get what you paid for. A cheaper product will definitely offer a shorter shelf life while a more expensive cell could offer over 500 cycles.



Battery Monday Channel

Grepow‘s Battery Monday Channel is about battery knowledge and battery tip. If you have any questions about this topic ( The personal benefits of a high voltage lithium battery ) or have any battery-related things you want to know, please feel free to contact us by email at info@grepow.com. We specialize in drone smart batteriesindustrial batteriesshaped batteries (L shaped batteries), high discharge rate batterieshigh voltage batteriessemi solid batteries, etc. Our sub-brands Tattu and Gens ace focu on UAV/FPV batteries and RC batteries, respectively. Or if anything we could improve, email us, we will read the comment and provide a high-quality battery knowledge tutorial. Grepow official website: https://www.grepow.com/ Grepow Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/grepowbattery Grepow Linkedin: Grepow Battery Grepow YouTube: Grepow Battery

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