10 Advantages of Lithium Polymer Battery

Lithium polymer battery is developed on the basis of liquid lithium ion battery. The anode and cathode materials of lithium polymer battery are the same as liquid lithium ion battery, but it uses gel electrolyte and aluminum plastic film as the outer package, so it was lighter and thinner, higher energy density and safety features, and is widely favored by customers at home and abroad.

Advantages of lithium polymer battery

1. High energy density

The weight of a lithium-polymer battery is half that of a nickel-cadmium or nickel-hydride battery of the same volume, and the volume is 40-50% that of nickel-cadmium and 20-30% that of nickel-hydride, making it a large-capacity battery of the same volume.

2. Thin thickness

Liquid lithium battery adopts the method of first customizing the shell and then plugging the positive and negative electrode materials. There is a technical bottleneck when the thickness is below 3.6mm, while the polymer cell does not have this problem. The thickness can be less than 1mm, which is in line with the development direction of applications thinning.

ultrathin lithium polymer battery

3. Low internal resistance

The internal resistance of the polymer batteries is less than liquid batteries, the current domestic internal resistance of the polymer batteries can even do below 35 m Ω, greatly reduced the battery power, can effectively extend the standby time of the applications.

4. Customizable shape

Polymer battery can increase or reduce cell thickness according to customer demand, the development of new cell model, cheap price, mold opening cycle is short, some even according to the shape of applications tailored shaped battery, to make full use of battery shell space, improve the battery capacity.

shaped lithium polymer battery

5. Good charging and discharging characteristics

The constant current and constant voltage charger with a rated voltage of 4.2V can make the lithium polymer battery fully charged in one to two hours.

Polymer batteries use colloidal electrolytes, which have more stable discharge characteristics and higher discharge platform than liquid electrolytes.

6. High voltage

The operating voltage of a single lithium-polymer cell is 3.7v (average), equivalent to three nickel-cadmium or nickel-hydride batteries in series.

7. Good safety performance

The outer package is an aluminum-plastic package, which is different from the metal shell of liquid lithium battery.

Due to the use of flexible packaging technology, internal quality hidden trouble can be immediately through the outer packaging deformation and show, once the occurrence of safety hidden trouble, will not explode, will only swell.

8. Long cycle life

Under normal conditions, the lithium polymer battery charge and discharge cycle can exceed 500 times.

9. No pollution

Lithium-polymer batteries are free of harmful metals such as cadmium, lead, and mercury. Professional battery factories like Grepow have passed the ISO14000 environmental system certification and the products comply with the EU RoHS directive.

iso 9001

10. No memory effect

Memory effect refers to the phenomenon that the capacity of nickel-cadmium battery decreases during the cycle of charge and discharge. Lithium polymer batteries do not have this effect.

The lithium polymer battery is gradually expanding its market share due to its advantages of a lightweight, low mold opening cost, and high safety. Mainly used in digital products, but also gradually to applications, laptops, power tools, and other market development.

Grepow is a well-known lithium polymer battery manufacturers, national high-tech military enterprises, providing ultra-safe and ultra-reliable lithium polymer battery customized solutions and products. The voltage, capacity, size, shape, and function of the lithium battery pack can be customized flexibly to meet customers’ personalized demand for electricity.

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