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3.95V/4.45V High Voltage Cells

3.95V/4.45V High Voltage Cells

3.95V/4.45V High Voltage Cells

3.95V/4.45V high-voltage battery is a higher voltage relative to ordinary batteries (3.7V/4.2V), 3.95V indicator nominal voltage, 4.45V refers to the full charge voltage (also called charge cut-off voltage), that is, high-voltage battery is defined according to the voltage of the single battery cell, mainly for lithium batteries, 3.95V/4.45V high-voltage battery can also be called 3.95V / 4.45V lithium high-voltage battery (LiHv).
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High Voltage Battery Cell Features

● High energy density, longer battery life, up to 15% longer than ordinary batteries;

● The energy density of the battery is increased by about 15% under the same rate and size;

● Simulating the actual use of the reliability test, can meet the 3-year service life, to meet the 

demand of high and low temperature, different multiplier on power industry applications;

High and stable discharge platform, frequent use does not affect the life of the battery;

● Multiplier cycle performance can maintain 80% of the original capacity after 300 cycles;

Capable of mass production and good cell consistency

Why Choose Grepow Custom High Voltage Lithium Batteries

Grepow High Voltage Lithium Battery  Cells  LiHv

Grepow high-voltage lithium batteries have nominal voltages of 3.8V, 3.85V, 3.95V, corresponding to charge cut-off voltages of 4.35V, 4.4V and 4.45V respectively. compared with conventional ones, high-voltage batteries have high energy density and high discharge platform; under the same usage conditions, high-voltage batteries can discharge more capacity, so they have longer runtime and stronger power; Grepow high-voltage batteries range can be increased by 15%-25%, which is one of the core technologies of Grepow.

 Source manufacturer, physical factory, strong R&D production capacity, short delivery time and sufficient stock.

 Self-researched high-voltage lithium battery cells, sufficient capacity, refusal of false label, guaranteed capacity.

▶ Strict quality control: construct a full range of quality system from parts to finished products to ensure product quality

 Safe and reliable in line with a variety of domestic and international battery certification

 Perfect service system: Quickly reply to customer problems and provide solutions

 Provide local instant customer support in China, USA and Germany

We provide the following services.

Flexible support for customized solutions

Reliable and stable performance

Samples and mass production available

OEM, ODM available

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Specification & Verification
Sample Production
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