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NASA will test an eVTOL as part of the AAM National Campaign

NASA will test an eVTOL as part of the AAM National Campaign

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NASA conducted flight testing of Joby Aviation's all-electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft on the 30th of last month, which will continue through September 10th at Joby's Electric Flight Base in California. This activity is included in NASA's Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) National Campaign, and is the first time that NASA has used eVTOL for testing. eVTOL is pivotal in the UAV industry as an aerial drone, cargo transportation, rescue, survey, air taxis, etc. for cities and surrounding areas.

NASA's research and testing is for collecting flight and sonic data from eVTOLs to build a solid foundation for future air transportation. Another objective is to identify gaps in current FAA regulations and policies to help integrate AAM aircraft into the National Airspace System. Overall, such activities contribute to the development of U.S. airspace activities.

PS: AAM is an aviation system that involves developing and deploying aviation in innovative ways not commonly seen today. The AAM national campaign is managed by NASA's Advanced Air Mobility program, part of NASA's Aeronautics Research Mission Council.

“The National Campaign Developmental Testing is an important strategic step in NASA’s goals to accelerate the AAM industry timeline,” said Davis Hackenberg, NASA AAM mission integration manager. “These testing scenarios will help inform gaps in current standards to benefit the industry’s progress of integrating AAM vehicles into the airspace.”

Joby's eVTOL aims to serve commercial passenger transportation in the future. Collecting data from eVTOL will allow NASA to prepare the AAM National Campaign to perform the first set of test dimensions, called NC-1, scheduled for 2022, which will take place with more complex flight scenarios and be joined by other industrial vehicles.

During the test, the NASA team will collect information on how the vehicle moves, how the vehicle sounds, and how the vehicle communicates with the controller. Their future partners can use a similar scenario to evaluate delivery.

The NASA team will install a mobile acoustic facility and build an array of more than 50 microphones to measure the acoustic profile of the Joby aircraft during different phases of flight.

“NASA’s AAM National Campaign is critical to driving scientific understanding and public acceptance of eVTOL aircraft,” said JoeBen Bevirt, founder and CEO of Joby Aviation. “We’re incredibly proud to have worked closely with NASA on electric flight over the past 10 years and to be the first eVTOL company to fly as part of the campaign.”

Another element of the test is to ensure participation in NC-1's external scope to meet protocols for future testing. The team will also test NASA's flight safety and airworthiness procedures to approve participants for the event.

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News from NASA: NASA Begins Air Taxi Flight Testing with Joby

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