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New Technology - NMC 811 Battery

Grepow NMC 811 battery uses a stacked-sheet pouch cell process, the NMC (Ni-Mn-Co) cathode composition with 80% nickel, 10% manganese, and 10% cobalt. This recipe technology is to significantly break the energy density of existing lipo batteries, which the highest energy density is 275Wh per kg. The capacity Retention can stay more than 90% after 600 cycles and the dynamic voltage imbalance is less than 100 mV. This technology is more reliable and light, it has a longer range for professional field drones such as mapping, E-VTOL and consumer electronics. NMC 811 batteries can also be customized to perfectly fit the shape or capacity of the appliance you need. As a battery manufacturer, we take OEM and ODM services as well.


  • High energy density
  • Complex-coated separator, more safety
  • Long endurance
  • Can be equipped with intelligent protection board: BMS
  • Customizable: shape/size
  • Si material, over-discharge resistance (2.5V)
  • High temperature storage
  • Higher specific capacity: positive electrode 190mAh/g, negative electrode 420~650mAh/g

Battery Model

Battery Model NMC811-20 NMC811-28
Capacity (mAh) 20000 28000
Configuration (S/P) 6S1P 6S1P
Discharge rate (C) 5 5
Voltage (V) 22.2 22.2
L*W*H (±2mm) 189*76*58 203*89*61.5
weight (±100g) 1800 2500

Energy Density and Cycle Life

GRP NMC 811 battery with high energy density
GRP NMC 811 batteries have better energy density than ordinary batteries, giving UAVs longer endurance
Grepow nmc 811 battery long cycle life

1C rate charging (CC to 4.2V, CV to 0.02C), 5C rate discharging to 3.0V

After 600 cycles tests, remain more than 90% capacity retention rate

Discharge Efficiency

Grepow nmc 811 battery discharge c rate test
Test of 0.5/3/5C constant current discharge to 3.0V, 5C discharge efficiency can reach 93%
Grepow nmc 811 battery low temperature discharge c rate
At -20℃ low temperature,  0.2C constant current discharge to 3.0V, the discharge efficiency can reach 93%

Applications of NMC 811 Batteries

Our NMC 811 batteries can use in UAV, VTOL, Agricultural Spraying, Industrial Patrol, Forest Fire Fighting, Construction Monitoring, Cargo Transport, Aerial Photography, Surveying and Mapping; Academic Research; Consumer Electronics; Portable Energy Storage Power.
agricultural spraying uav long working time battery

Agricultural spraying

survey, mapping and inspection uav grepow high energy density battery

Survey, mapping and inspection

VTOL NMC 811 high energy density battery by grepow and tattu


monitoring and surveillance NCM811 high energy density battery by grepow and tattu

Monitoring and surveillance

transport delivery uav grepow lightweight battery

Transport delivery

rescue uav NMC 811 battery with long cycle time


urban manned uav high energy density battery grepow and tattu

Urban manned / Air Taxi

robotics high energy density battery


long endurance battery for unmanned helicopter drone


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