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2023 Unforgettable Events | Shenzhen Grepow Battery Co. Ltd.

2023 Unforgettable Events | Shenzhen Grepow Battery Co. Ltd.

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In 2023, Shenzhen Grepow Battery Co., Ltd. upholds to the service concept of "Customer First, Craftsmanship, Scientific Management, Mutual Benefit and Win-Win", insist on the research and development of batteries, strengthens the customer service, and accelerates to a stage of higher quality development. Keeping up with the market development trend, we provide customers with better quality batteries and power solutions.

Today, let's review Grepow's passionate, practical and fruitful 2023 through eight major events.

Ⅰ Powering the Digital Intelligence Competitive Fighting Robot Competition

On March 18th, the first Greater Bay Area Numerical Intelligence Athletic Fighting Robot Competition was successfully held under the guidance of the Asian Fighting Robot Alliance, creating a 1.5KG fighting robot event for Numerical Intelligence Athletic Fighting Robot athletes across the country. Grepow participated in the event as a sponsor, and used high-quality TATTU batteries to assist in technological competitions, and continued to help the development of Numerical Intelligence Athletics both at home and abroad.

Digital Intelligence Competitive Fighting Robot Competition

Ⅱ Office Environment Upgrade

On March 24th, Grepow International Marketing Center moved to Longhua Digital Innovation Center in Shenzhen, welcoming a brand new office environment. With convenient transportation and superior location, it is more convenient for business contacts and offline face-to-face communication.

 Office Environment Upgrade

Ⅲ Grepow was awarded the Customs AEO Advanced Certification

On March 30th, the "Customs AEO Advanced Certification Awarding Ceremony" was held at Grepow headquarters. The Director of Guanlan Customs along with other members and leaders of Grepow participated in the ceremony. Amidst the challenges of the complex international situation, Grepow continues to make innovations and breakthroughs, and strives to raise the standard of product specifications.

Grepow was awarded the Customs AEO Advanced Certification

G-Tech Technology Ecology Launch

Through years of experience in battery production and close ties with RC players, Grepow successfully launched the G-Tech intelligent ecosystem. Adopting smart chip technology, this system realizes plug-and-play charging, automatically adapts the optimal charging current, and intuitively displays various parameters. This system aims to solve players' operation troubles during charging bringing RC users an easier and safer experience.

G-Tech Technology Ecology Launch

Expansion of Hunan Production Base

In order to meet the growing demand for lithium batteries, the Lithium Business Division was relocated to Chenzhou City, Hunan Province. In addition, the NiMH production base in Chenzhou has been expanded. By investing in a large number of automated production equipment, the efficiency of battery production has been greatly improved; the overall factory scale and manufacturing environment have also been upgraded to provide customers with a more efficient product delivery process.

Expansion of Hunan Production Base

Enrichment of Drone Charger Categories

Based on the increasing variety of drone battery products, Grepow has developed a variety of chargers that are suitable for them. These smart chargers successfully provide safe and convenient charging management for all kinds of drones, and also protect the batteries, enhance the cycle life of the batteries, and offer end-users a more durable power source, while reducing the cost of use.

Enrichment of Drone Charger Categories

Ⅶ Successful launch of new jump starters

Grepow multifunctional jump starter has been launched for several years. Whether it is JA series with air pump or AW series with water pump, Grepow R&D team insists to complete it independently from the production of battery cell, BMS research and development, the internal structure to the realization of the function to the appearance design until it is launched.

With the advantage of high instant current of high discharge rate batteries, based on the market demand, we have released the jump starters with different capacities; to meet the needs of vehicles or ships with different displacements or even small airplanes, as well as the needs of vehicle start-up in a variety of working environments, like low temperature, we are going to release the following new products in 2023:

1. LiFe series (J1000, J1500, J2500, JA2500)

2. ApartX plug-in ignition

3.J401X specially for low temperature

Successful launch of new jump starters

Ⅷ Grepow won two awards at the UAS Industry Gathering

Grepow Battery Co., Ltd. was honored with the title of "2023 Drone China Low-Altitude Economy Benchmarking Enterprise" for its outstanding performance in the field of low altitude economy and in-depth contribution to the UAV industry. Boboy Chen, Vice General Manager of Grepow Battery, was awarded the "2023 China UAV Leading Individual" , which is a full affirmation and encouragement for Grepow to continue to lead the industry forward.

UAV UAS Industry Gathering

Grepow's 2023 can not be separated from the joint efforts and dedication of our colleagues and the support of our partners, thank you for all the way!

Grepow will start again with a new journey. In the future, Grepow will adhere to the strategic thinking of technology research and development as the center and product innovation as the guide, and continue to develop and iterate intelligent products that incorporate high-frequency batteries and ultra-low-temperature high-frequency batteries, so as to inject constant vitality and power for the industry's development.


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