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Will the Bluetooth Headset Battery Explode?

Will the Bluetooth Headset Battery Explode?

Editorial: Issue Date:2020-04-27 Views:1166
Is there any guarantee for the safety performance of the Bluetooth headset battery? It is not fun to explore on ears.

Bluetooth headset type

Bluetooth headphones can be divided into three categories:

1. Mono

The single-channel Bluetooth headset is a single ear headset. It is mostly wireless and small style. It can be inserted directly into the ear. Its main function is to listen and hang the phone. It can control the volume, and the single ear type Bluetooth headset also has double, double, and rye techniques.

2. Stereophonic

Stereo headphones are based on smartphone support for A2DP Bluetooth stereophonic protocol. Only our mobile phone settings support A2DP Bluetooth stereophonic protocol, and you can connect stereo Bluetooth headphones to enjoy Bluetooth headset music. Stereo Bluetooth headset has neck hanging, headset, clip, glasses, and other styles, lyrics, and other functions.

3. Real wireless

The real wireless Bluetooth headset is very different from the traditional Bluetooth headset. The real wireless Bluetooth headset is based on the Multiplexlink multi-point wireless interconnect technology. The wireless connection between the left and right ears is realized, and the way of wire connection is completely abandoned, and the left and right earplugs can work independently. Next, we are going to talk about the safety of the Bluetooth headset battery.

Bluetooth headset battery

First of all, the function of the latest version 2.1 of Bluetooth is achieved by saving the power consumption by setting the interval between the 2 devices to confirm the sending interval of signals. In general, when 2 connected Bluetooth devices are in the standby state, the Bluetooth devices still need to make sure that they are still in the online state through each other. Of course, because of this, the Bluetooth chip must keep the Bluetooth headset at any time, even if all the other components of the cell phone have entered. Dormant mode. In order to improve this situation, Bluetooth 2.1 prolongs the interval between the signal transmission time between the old version of the device from 0. to 0.5 seconds from the old version, so that the workload of the Bluetooth chip can be greatly reduced, and the Bluetooth can have more time to sleep completely. According to the official report, after this technology is used, the standby time of Bluetooth device can be effectively extended by more than 5 times after the Bluetooth connection is opened. Such a Bluetooth headset lithium polymer battery is in a state of low power consumption, and there will be no safety considerations. bluetooth headset battery At present, the market for Bluetooth headset batteries is made of lithium polymer batteries. GREPOW also produces the lithium polymer batteries used in Bluetooth products (common models include 150mAh, 60mAh, 30mAh, 75mAh, 90mAh). Compared with the liquid lithium-ion battery, this kind of lithium-ion battery is not only safe, but also has the advantages of thinning, arbitrary area and arbitrary shape, and the shell also uses a lighter aluminum-plastic composite film. However, there may be room for improvement in its low-temperature discharge performance. But at the moment, it is still the main body of the lithium headset of Bluetooth headset. Its advantages are small size, lightweight, large capacity, and so on. bluetooth headset battery Now our domestic lithium polymer battery is mostly only a flexible packaging battery, the shell is made of aluminum-plastic film, and the electrolyte has not changed. The lithium-polymer battery can also be thinned, and its low-temperature discharge characteristics are better than that of the polymer battery, while the material energy density is basically the same as that of the liquid lithium battery and the ordinary polymer battery, but because of the aluminum-plastic film, it is lighter than the ordinary liquid lithium. In safety, when the liquid is just boiling, the aluminum-plastic film of the soft battery will naturally burst or burst, and it will not explode.

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