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What is pouch cell lithium battery? | Battery Monday

What is pouch cell lithium battery? | Battery Monday

Editorial:Mike Issue Date:2020-10-13 Views:5342

In this video, Zac will tell you the basic description of what is pouch cell lithium battery, the advantages, and applications of pouch cell lithium battery.

The pouch cell is a kind of prismatic battery that has a layer of aluminum plastic film on the outer bread of liquid or semi-solid lithium-ion, it is not a metal hard case. So, compared with ordinary square batteries, the weight can be lighter, and it can be easily made into different sizes and shapes. The advantages of pouch cell batteries are higher energy density with the same weight, higher discharge rate, more safety performance, and lower internal resistance. However, its more difficult to produce, and the technical requirements for the factory will be higher.

The pouch cell lithium battery often used in racing motorcycles, drones, RC racing cars, jump starters, and any applications that require magnification, explosive power, and instant powerful output.

This is the first video of Battery Monday programme, please feel free to comment to let us know what could we improve and what you will to learn. We will read the comment and provide high-quality battery knowledge tutorial.

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