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What Is A Coin and Button Cell?

What Is A Coin and Button Cell?

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Maybe we will search or see the battery model like 2032, 1254, which are popular among the consumer electronics and called coin & button batteries. Here shows you what exactly they are and how to read the common models.

Recognize Button Cell by Name

The name of button cells is derived from the shape, like a traditional button or coin, round and flat. Note that the diameter of the button cell is usually larger than the thickness, as distinguished from the cylindrical cell. Its diameter ranges from 4.8mm to 30mm, while the thickness is 1.0mm to 7.7mm.

Different sizes of coin and button cells 

Different sizes of coin and button cells

Know the Coin Cell Battery by Model

Coin cell models can be classified from the structure, voltage, size, and other individual criteria, but also composite coin cell classification, practical lithium coin cell batteries are generally from the structure and size of the two aspects of the composite label. When we buy coin cell batteries, often see models such as CR2032, CR1254, CP1254, etc., what do they mean? Coin and button cell battery model number consists of letters and numbers: the front letters indicate the type or chemical power nature, suffixed with four Arabic numerals indicate the battery size, the first two numbers indicate the diameter, the last two numbers indicate the thickness.

 GRP1254 Size Picture

 GRP1254 Size Picture


Coin cell batteries can be divided into two types: rechargeable and non-rechargeable.

1.Rechargeable coin cell batteries:

also called secondary button cells, which can be recharged and recycled about 300-1000 times after the power is low, with a life span of up to 10 years. Common types on the market: 3.6V rechargeable Li-ion button cell (LIR series); 3V rechargeable LiIon coin cell (ML or LV series); 3.7-4.45V li-ion button battery CP series and GRP series.

2.Non-rechargeable button cell batteries:

also named alkaline or disposable button batteries which are not designed to be recharged. While the power is used up, the users have to replace them with new ones. Common types on the market: 3V lithium-manganese button cell (CR series); 1.5V alkaline zinc-manganese button cell (LR and SR series).

3.Several common button cell battery types:

① CR button cell models

commonly used are CR2016, CR2032, CR2025, where CR means lithium manganese dioxide battery, the next four digits indicate the size, such as CR2032 is a diameter of 20mm, the height of 3.2mm 3V button cell. 

LiMnO2 Button cell - CR2032

LiMnO2 Button cell - CR2032


② AG series button cell model

China is accustomed to calling the AG battery is essentially alkaline zinc-manganese batteries, from AG0 to AG13 a total of 14 product series, but the IEC standard is still in accordance with the alkaline battery labeling method, with the letter "LR" for identification, where L represents alkaline, R represents round. The Japanese standard is identified as "L" followed by three or four digits. If three digits, the first digit indicates the diameter (mm) to take an integer bit; if four digits, the first two digits indicate the diameter (mm) to take an integer bit; the last two digits to take it's 1 / 10 indicates the height (mm). For example, the domestic AG13 button cell IEC logo for LR44, the Japan logo for L1154, because the design of the battery diameter of 11.6mm, the height of 5.4mm, so the diameter of the integer digit "11", and "54 1/10 of "54" represents the height of 5.4mm.

③ Zinc-silver oxide battery

Silver oxide battery size can be the same size as the alkaline zinc manganese button battery, but the zinc-silver oxide battery is a relatively higher voltage platform, the working voltage is more stable. The naming method is basically the same as the LR series, such as "SR44" for zinc-silver oxide battery, which is both the size of LR44 and AG13. It is also the size of AG13. In the beginning, AG13 referred to SR44, but now it sometimes refers to LR44 and sometimes SR44, because zinc-silver oxide batteries are more expensive than alkaline zinc-manganese batteries, so the latter has replaced part of the former market. 

In the primary button battery family there are zinc-air batteries and mercury batteries (also called mercury batteries), rechargeable batteries also have LIR, ML, and LV series. These coin cell battery models are only different from the battery system represented in English, followed by four digits to indicate the size, such as, LIR3032 said the working voltage of 3.6V lithium-ion batteries, 20mm in diameter and 3.2mm in height, ML2032 and LV2032 is the same battery form factor, except that they represent lithium manganese batteries and lithium vanadium batteries. 

⑤ CP series mainly have CP1254, CP1054, mainly refers to the German Varta production of the rechargeable li-ion button battery. GRP series mainly have GRP1254, and GRP1054, which are rechargeable lithium-ion button types produced by Grepow, the chemical composition is mainly lipo or LiCoO2. Its various battery parameters such as voltage, capacity, charging, and discharging rate are different. 

Grepow button cell batteries.jpg

Grepow general and Heart-shape button cells


Button cell batteries are small in size and are widely used in various fields of electronic products, such as computer motherboards, electronic watches, electronic scales, calculators, car keys, hearing aids, wireless trackers, electronic cigarettes, etc.

Is there a battery pack for coin cell batteries?

Coin cell batteries can be powered by a single cell, in addition to the development of a high volt battery or high capacity, multiple coin cells are connected in parallel or in series to form a battery pack to obtain a higher current or voltage to power electronic products with special needs.


Compared with the disposable ones, the rechargeable lithium-ion button battery (model named: LIR/ML/LV/CP/GRP+numbers)has become the mainstream due to proper prices or being environmentally friendly, and the development of lithium battery technology and the ever-changing electronic products, especially TWS headphones, electronic cigarettes, rechargeable car keys, rechargeable hearing aids, etc.

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