What are the TWS earphone battery model sizes?

Different brands of TWS Bluetooth Earphones

The development of truly wireless earphones (also: TWS Bluetooth earphones)has been very fast, especially in terms of sound quality TWS earbuds have been greatly improved in recent years. Many young people like to use Bluetooth earphones, because they will not be interfered with by the headphone cables while using but more freely and easily. The market share of TWS earphones is all the way on the rise, slowly replacing the originally wired headphones.

different brands of tws earphones in a hand
Different brands of TWS earphones in a hand

As you know, in 2016 Apple launched a new product line of TWS Bluetooth headphones AirPods, the use of dual-channel transmission technology with a charging case solution quickly led the industry development, opening the wireless Bluetooth headset era. The same year, lithium battery manufacturer Greopow Battery noticed the battery power demand for TWS Bluetooth earbuds. On the new earphone market demand for compact, lightweight, and safe power supply of batteries, Grepow fully entered battery research and development of the Bluetooth wireless earphone in 2016 and has launched a number of Bluetooth headset batteries. Next, let’s take a look at what models and sizes of TWS earbud batteries.

Grepow TWS earbuds battery
Grepow TWS earbuds battery

Most TWS earphones of Apple, Samsung, OPPO, and the others used in daily life have built-in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries (li-ion/LiIon). And these LiIon batteries are divided into soft pack (pouch cell) li-ion batteries, steel shell small cylindrical li-ion batteries, and button liion batteries. Among these types of wireless earphone batteries, the button battery gradually becomes the mainstream of the true wireless Bluetooth earbuds market power.

Currently, in the market, most three models of TWS earphones are 1254, 1054, and 1654 (Note: the first two digits for the diameter, the last two digits for the thickness or height; units are mm). Only a small number are LIR0854 (that is, the diameter of 8mm, the thickness of 5.4mm), LIR0943, LIR1043, LIR1243, and LIR1454. Today we mainly introduce 1254, 1054 Bluetooth headset battery model size parameters — the most popular ones.


Battery Model Size Parameters  of TWS Bluetooth

Rechargeable Earbud Battery Model 1254
GRP1254 Size Picture
GRP1254 Size Parameters

Voltage: 3.7V, 3.8V, 3.85V

Capacity: 70mAh to 75mAh

Size: 12mm (diameter)*5.4mm (height)

Internal Resistance (IR): 180mΩ

Max. Charging Current: 210~225mA

Maximum Continuous Discharge Current: 140~150mA

Operating Temperature: Charging 0℃~45℃, Discharging -20℃~60℃


Rechargeable Earbud Battery Model 1054
GRP1054 Size Parameters
GRP1054 Size Parameters

Voltage: 3.7V, 3.8V, 3.85V

Capacity: 46mAh to 52mAh

Size: 10mm (diameter) * 5.4mm (height)

Internal Resistance(IR): 200mΩ

Maximum charge current: 138~156mA (3C)

Maximum continuous discharge current: 92~104mA (2C)

Working temperature: charging 0℃~45℃, discharging -20℃~60℃

The above is the introduction of the Bluetooth headset battery model size.

Grepow as a professional rechargeable battery manufacturer of shaped batteries and button batteries has a wealth of experience in power solutions. For the battery solution of true wireless headphones TWS, Grepow not only supports the customization of capacity and size, etc. but also provides the customization service of other shapes of batteries!

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