What are the common problems with agricultural drone battery?

The use of agricultural drones in agriculture has become more and more mature. Demand for agricultural drones is increasing around the world.For electric agricultural drones, the use of lipo batteryas a power source has become mainstream.The quality of the drone battery is important. However, any of the best batteries can not avoid the following problems.

Battery is prone to man-made damage

When they hear that, many battery buyers will say, “Isn’t that nonsense?”. No, that’s not useless. The difference between an agricultural drone battery and other drone batteries is its large capacity. Even if it’s higher than specific energy, its real size ranks first in drone batteries.

In the same high-capacity battery, Tattu 22000mah drone battery is 235*172*116mm in volume. Its ratio of specific energy is already very high in the same industry battery solutions. The larger the battery, the less portable it is. It is not easy to remove and put back. Because it is used directly on top of an agricultural drone, it has a “long nose”. That’s the battery’s wire. The wire is secured by welding. However, in the battery use of direct pull and release wires, easy to damage the welding area.

agricultural drone battery

The battery is most afraid of bumps and frictions. A bump during transport may cause a short circuit in the outer equilibrium line of the battery. A short circuit can directly cause the battery to burst into flames or explode. At the same time, avoid short circuits of conductive materials that come into contact with both the positive and negative poles of the battery. During transport, the best way is to put the battery in a separate self-sealing bag and placed in an explosion-proof box. So please use it gently. Take care to prevent battery damage!

Potions can corrode batteries

Agricultural drones in the work, flying will be affected by the residual amount of potions, resulting in uneven phenomenon. The potion in operation is corrosive to the battery. Inadequate external protection can also cause corrosion to the battery. Incorrect use may also corrode the plug of the battery. Therefore, the user must avoid drug corrosion of the battery after charging and actually working. The battery must be placed away from the drug after the job is finished.

First, some pesticides are volatile, the battery will encounter moisture, condensate moisture failure. Second, pesticides contain copper, sulfur, phosphorus, nitrogen, chlorine and other chemicals. It is easy for the compounds in the battery to react, causing the battery to corrode bad conditions. Third, some pesticide additives are flammable additives, with the battery placed together to be prone to risk.

Potions can corrode batteries

Risk of fast charging

There are many types of drone battery chargers on the market. They have different charging power and charging current.

For example, the parameters of a Grepow smart balance charger:

Charging current: 0.1-5.0A  Charging power: 50W

Charging current: The charger can set the charge current value. The lower the value, the smaller the current will be when charging. The higher the value, the greater the charger will charge it at a higher current. A smaller charge is slower, and a larger current is faster.

Charging power: The charging power is how much power the charger can use to charge. For example, this model is 50W.

If your drone battery charges the current is 3A, but you adjust the charger charge current is 5A. Then, your battery will not only heat up, but also burn. In this case, there are two solutions. First, buy a charger that fits the charging current with the drone’s battery. For example, the lithium voltage single section is 3.7V nominal voltage, 6 single core is 22.2V nominal voltage, then the charger supports 3.7V to 22.2V lithium battery pack. Second, select the balanced battery charger that can be set. The set-up balance charger is worth the extra price because it allows you to perform more battery management system tasks. For example, check that the battery is charged and discharged as designed and completely discharged before storing it. It allows you to charge the voltage needed on the battery, which greatly improves the life and safety of the drone battery and recharges it.

drone battery cell

There is also a bug charging condition. In reality, there are also some flier to save time, the battery to charge quickly. Agricultural drone battery have just been used, and the battery temperature is relatively high. At this time, if the battery body is charged at high temperature, easy to damage the internal performance, resulting in life decay too fast.

Risks of using with different sizes or old and new batteries

The battery should be used together to choose the same model, the same batch, the same cycle life of the battery. The battery needs to be charged or discharged before use. The initial single core voltage needs to be exactly the same. There are differences in characteristics between the batteries. The cores of the same type of electric core in different batches have differences in initial voltage, internal resistance, capacity and so on. The battery’s condition will be basically different after use.

If two batteries are charged, first on both batteries, this current is very high and may damage the connector head. As the charging time occurs, the current decreases. When the voltage difference between the two batteries is zero, the battery stops charging the other battery. The entire duration of charging will vary depending on the battery’s capacity difference and pressure difference. However, there is a problem with excessive current charging during this time. Long-term damage to the battery, resulting in battery failure, and even fire and other problems.

battery 1s

In the same case, even if the new and old batteries are in the same batch, the same model. They also reduce battery life, even when flying because of different power currents, burning conditions, drone crashes. Mixing of old and new battery packs can also cause the battery to decay too quickly. This will not give full play to the maximum discharge power of the battery.

Easy to exist full electricity and high-voltage storage phenomenon

Fully charged batteries cannot be fully stored for more than 3 days. If you don’t let the electricity go out for more than a week, some batteries will swell directly. Although, some batteries may not swell for the time being. However, after several full-charge saves, the battery may be immediately scrapped. Therefore, the correct way is to charge after receiving the mission. If there is no mission within 3 days after battery use, charge the single-chip voltage to 3.80 to 3.90V. If there is a good charge after a variety of reasons are not used, but also in the full yin within 3 days to discharge the battery to 3.80 to 3.90V to save.

If the battery is not used within three months, charge and discharge the battery once and continue to save. This extends battery life. Battery storage should be stored in a cool environment, long-term storage of batteries, it is best to place in a sealed bag or sealed deflator. The recommended ambient temperature is 10 to 25 degrees Celsius, and dry, non-corrosive gas.

Battery swelling

Regular lying and maintaining battery

For now, these bad problems with agricultural drone battery can be solved. Users should regularly check the main body of the battery, handle, wire, power plug. Observe if the appearance is damaged, deformed, corroded, discolored, skin-breaking, and the plug-to-aircraft is too loose. At the end of each job, wipe the battery surface and power plug with a dry cloth to ensure that there is no pesticide residue to avoid corrosion of the battery.

The battery temperature is high after the flight and needs to be recharged by the flight battery temperature below 40 degrees Celsius (the flight battery charge sits at an optimal temperature range of 5 to 40 degrees Celsius). At the end of the job, it is recommended to slow charge the battery. Summer temperatures are relatively high, batteries are best not to bask in the sun. After winter discharge, the battery takes effective insulation measures (e.g. with a incubator) to ensure that the temperature of the battery is maintained above 5 degrees Celsius.

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