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What are the Types of UPS Power Supply?

What are the Types of UPS Power Supply?

Editorial:Alice Issue Date:2023-03-31 Views:1649

UPS Power Supply can be classified into three main types based on the design and level of protection they provide.

Standby UPS

This type of UPS is the most basic and commonly used for home and small office applications. It switches from utility power to battery power when it detects an interruption in the input power. Standby UPS systems are less expensive than other types of UPS systems, but they can experience a brief delay in switching to battery power, which can cause data loss or equipment damage in some situations.

Line-interactive UPS

This type of UPS provides more advanced protection than a standby UPS, as it can compensate for minor fluctuations in input voltage without switching to battery power. A line-interactive UPS can also provide voltage regulation to protect against power surges and dips. These UPS systems are commonly used in small to medium-sized businesses.

Online UPS

This type of UPS provides the highest level of protection and is commonly used in data centers and other mission-critical applications. An online UPS provides continuous power through its battery, and the input power is constantly converted to DC power and then back to AC power, ensuring a consistent and clean output voltage. Online UPS systems are the most expensive type of UPS but offer the highest level of protection against power interruptions and fluctuations.

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