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What is the charging voltage of 3.7V lithium battery?

What is the charging voltage of 3.7V lithium battery?

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The 3.7v lithium battery is a lithium battery with a nominal voltage of 3.7v and a full-charge voltage of 4.2v. Its capacity ranges from several hundred to several thousand mAh. It is generally used in various instruments and meters, testing instruments, medical instruments, POS machines, notebook computers, and other products.

About the capacity of 3.7V lithium battery capacity, the larger the volume of a single lithium battery, the greater the capacity, or we can say that the more the number of lithium batteries in parallel, the greater the capacity. 

Generally, a 3.7v lithium battery needs a "protection board" for over-charging&discharging. The battery without a protection board can only be charged with 4.2V voltage, because the ideal full charge voltage of a lithium battery is 4.2v, once the voltage exceeds 4.2v, the battery may be damaged. Charging in this way requires someone to monitor the condition of the battery at all times. On the contrary, the battery with a protection board can be charged with 5V (range from 4.8V to 5.2V). As we know, in most cases, a 5V charger can be used for USB of computers and mobile phones. The charging cut-off voltage of the 3.7V battery is 4.2V and the discharge cut-off voltage is 3.0V.  Therefore, when the open-circuit voltage of the battery is lower than 3.6V, it should be able to charge. It is better to use the 4.2V constant voltage charging mode, so you don't need to pay attention to the charging time. If 5V charging is used, overcharging is easy to happen.

1. GREPOW 3.7V Micro Rechargeable Lithium battery

GREPOW Battery provides a rechargeable micro lithium battery series for wearable applications in 2019. The smallest dimensions with a diameter of 4.5mm to 12mm and a thickness of 4mm to 23mm. The high energy density and higher working voltage meet 3.8V so that the capacity meets 18mAh to 65mAh in limited space. In addition, the semi-micro lithium battery pack is also available for this battery series. Some cells are in series to meet 7.4V, 11.1V, or more and keep the same diameter. Some cells are in parallel to meet higher and higher capacity. It’s the best power solution for small applications such as a headset, IoT, GPS, medical, cordless sensors, Bluetooth headset, Smart toys, Smart-watches, and electronic bracelets… because of lower self-discharge current & longer standby time.e.

Rechargeable Button Cell Batteries (Source: Grepow)

Rechargeable Button Cell Batteries (Source: Grepow)

2. 18650 3.7V Rechargeable Battery

18650 batteries are most commonly used in rechargeable flashlights, cameras, LED clocks, and portable speakers and fans. They're also used to build battery packs and power banks such as those found in laptops. The 18650 names are based on their nominal size of 18 mm diameter by 65 mm length.

Technical Specs

Battery Size: 18650

Item: Rechargeable Battery

Battery Chemistry:Lithium Ion

Voltage: Batteries 3.7V DC

Recharge:  5 to 6 hr

Capacity:  Batteries 2,600 mAh

Shelf Life:  3 yr

Rechargeable:  Up To1000 Times

Precharged: Yes

Max. Operating Temp.:  122 Degrees F

Min. Operating Temp.:  -4 Degrees F

Standard Battery Pack Size: 1

standards (EMC test)

Diameter:  0.75 in

Height: 2.75 in

Overall Height:  2.75 in

3. Grepow 3.7V lithium battery List

For a more extended working time request, the more and more current smartphones & tablets are built-in high voltage 3.8V li-polymer battery. We improve our battery manufacturing technology and select high-quality devices for providing more top power li-polymer battery solutions for customer's demands. The high voltage 3.8V li-polymer battery has more than 10%-15% capacity than the general 3.6V & 3.7 li-polymer battery. The fully charged voltage is up to 4.35V, and the cut-off voltage is 3.00V. It’s a better solution for increasing the power in the limited space.

Grepow Li-ion Custom-Shape Batteries Samples at Exhibitions

Grepow3.7V220mAhRectangleLipo BatteryGRP4812050
Grepow3.7V120mAhIrregular HexagonLipo BatteryGRP4022020
Grepow3.7V22mAhultra-thinLipo BatteryGRP0422055
Grepow3.7V90mAhCurveLipo BatteryGRP3113031
Grepow3.7V225mAhCurveLipo BatteryGRP4017040
Grepow3.7V200mAhRectangleLipo BatteryGRP5811047
Grepow3.7V220mAhRectangleLipo BatteryGRP6011047
Grepow3.7V70mAhButton-CellLipo BatteryGRP1254
Grepow3.7V250mAhRectangleLipo BatteryGRP5212050
Grepow3.7V40mAhCurveLipo BatteryGRP2508030
Grepow3.7V450mAhRectangleLipo BatteryGRP6824037
Grepow3.7V85mAhCurveLipo BatteryGRP3512029
Grepow3.7V22mAhRectangleLipo BatteryGRP2010021
Grepow3.7V37mAhRectangleLipo BatteryGRP3013020
Grepow3.7V100mAhRoundLipo BatteryGRP5516015
Grepow3.7V125mAhRoundLipo BatteryGRP5521020
Grepow3.7V135mAhRoundLipo BatteryGRP2530027
Grepow3.7V1500mAhRoundLipo BatteryGRP7550040
Grepow3.7V170mAhRoundLipo BatteryGRP3030027
Grepow3.7V210mAhRoundLipo BatteryGRP2537036
Grepow3.7V225mAhRoundLipo BatteryGRP3630027
Grepow3.7V835mAhIrregular RoundLipo BatteryGRP7042030
Grepow3.7V300mAhRoundLipo BatteryGRP5030027

Grepow batteries are constantly being updated, please refer to the latest product parameters. You're welcomed to contact us or info@grepow.com.

If you would like to know more about batteries please contact us at info@grepow.com

Website: www.grepow.com

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