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At present, smart wearable devices are getting more and more popular, even pet smart devices are rated as a hotspot. According to estimates by the US Transparency Market Research Corporation, the global pet electronics market is about $1 billion at the end of 2016. By 2024, the volume of the global market will reach at least $2.5 billion.

What kind of products will be welcomed by the pets owners when the pets smart devices are hot?

Health monitoring

This is a time when pet owners are extremely concerned about pet health. Various pet medical companies have frequently obtained financing, which proves that capital is optimistic about the development prospects of pet health care. In this context, smart wearable devices that are capable of detecting the health of a pet are required.

Pet smart wearing will be as the human using smart wearing to detect physical health. Pet smart wear has the ability to monitor the pet’s heart rate and breathing rate. Breathing and heart rate data will also be sent to the cloud for analysis. Once the data is abnormal, the client-side on the owner’s mobile phone will suggest the owner bring the pet to the hospital.

Location tracking

The data shows that the recall rate of pets is less than 5% after getting lost. For those who have pets at home, pet loss is the most worrying thing for every owner. So how to prevent pets from losing is a top priority.

The pet smart wearable device can solve this problem. Because most pet smart wearables come with trackers and positioning features, keeping cats and dogs on their bodies to prevent them from getting lost. The GPS location can be used to send the pet’s location information to the owner, and the owner will receive an alarm once pet run out of the established activity range, which can largely prevent the pet from being lost.

Pet social

After the appearance of the short video, live broadcast, etc., the social model of pets is constantly updated; the remote camera function of pet smart wear can take pictures of pets and upload them to all major social platforms, which also satisfy those “ pets keeping on the cloud ” users’ need.

Pet communication and interaction

Pet communication is also called pet behavior analysis. The pet smart wearable device is equipped with a power sensor, which can send data to the cloud system. The system classifies the behavior. The owner can check the pet mood through the mobile phone client-side, to those who have no time to study the pet behavior, such a device can make pet owners less trouble.

In addition to health monitoring, pet positioning and other functions closely related to the pet itself, related equipment that can meet the entertainment interactive needs are also popular, such as automatic feeders, remote-controlled laser interactive toys, pet surveillance cameras, etc. Can fully satisfy the care needs of a master and pet.

In foreign countries, pet smart wear companies such as Whistle, Petnet, and FitBark have risen strongly; according to the data compiled by the Prospective Industry Research Institute, there are currently 300 pet wear device manufacturers in the world, nearly half of which are located in China.

In the absence of barriers to pet electronic equipment technology, domestic companies want to occupy a place in the pet smart device market, they need to show their brand image to consumers, quickly occupy this market, and make breakthroughs in product design. Practicality and aesthetics are combined to make your product image deep into the hearts of consumers.

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