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What is a smart ring?

Smart rings are mostly made of stainless steel. The top cover of the ring is a smooth and flat LCD touch screen. On this screen, you can slide up, down, left and right to achieve different functions. The smart ring has a built-in lithium battery with a standby time of up to 10 days and a 3-day battery life under daily use. The built-in lipo battery of the smart ring sometimes needs to be customized, and of course, there are mature ring battery standard products here. What is a reliable ring battery supplier?

Ring battery supplier

A smart ring is one of the wearable devices. To meet multiple functions such as communication and body detection, it is particularly difficult to add smart accessories and batteries due to the small and flexible product volume. The miniature and arc-shaped shapes are just needed. . In China, there are not many manufacturers that can make smart rings and micro-batteries, and Grepow is in a leading position in the industry. Battery manufacturer Grepow has production technology for high voltage, high discharge rate, and fast charging. In addition to producing standard 4.2V LiPo batteries, high-voltage 4.35V and 4.4V special-shaped batteries can also be mass-produced. The smart ring battery is arc-shaped (Curved lipo battery). Currently, Grepow has 13 models of smart ring batteries.

Grepow Smart Ring battery
Grepow Smart Ring battery

Features of smart ring battery:

Ultra-thin: 0.4 ~ 8 mm

Ultra-narrow: 6 ~ 50 mm

Inner arc length: π/6~2π/3

Capacity: 15~1000mAh

Pole center distance: 3.5 ~ 5.5 mm

Working temperature: -50 ℃ ~ 50 ℃ or -20 ℃ ~ 80 ℃

Ring battery model parameters:

No. Model Voltage (V) C rate Capacity (mAh) Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm)
1 GRP1007022 4.2 3C 5.7 1.0 6.5 18.95
2 GRP1007022 4.35 5C 6.1 1.0 6.5 18.95
3 GRP1507025 4.35 3C 19 1.5 7 25
4 GRP1507028 4.35 3C 22 1.5 7 28
5 GRP1507030 4.35 3C 24 1.5 7 30
6 GRP1607022 4.2 1C 15 1.6 6.5 22
7 GRP1607023 4.2 1C 16 1.6 6.5 23
8 GRP1607024 4.2 1C 17 1.6 6.5 24
9 GRP1607025 4.2 1C 18 1.6 6.5 25
10 GRP1607026 4.2 1C 19 1.6 6.5 26
11 GRP1607027 4.2 1C 20 1.6 6.5 27
12 GRP1607028 4.2 1C 21 1.6 6.5 28
13 GRP1607029 4.2 1C 22 1.6 6.5 29

Why choose the ring battery produced by Grepow

1. OEM mass production, mature manufacturing process. Physical factory supply, quality assurance, and after-sales service;

2. High energy density, high output power, high capacity, and lightweight;

3. The battery has high consistency, which is conducive to the combination of series and parallel processing; it can be combined according to different requirements;

4. Comply with ROHS, SGS, CE, UL, and other certification requirements;

5. The battery assembly method can be customized according to customer requirements, including size, shape, voltage, capacity, etc.;

6. Integrated power supply solutions can be provided.

If you have requirements for a special size of the smart ring, do not hesitate to contact us.

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