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Smart heating insoles supplier in China

Smart heating insoles supplier in China

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As the saying goes: "The cold is from the foot, the disease is from the bottom of the foot". The feet are the furthest from the heart and the most influenced by cold weather. Winter is coming, how to maintain our feet is a matter of attention. This article introduces you to rechargeable warm-foot insoles. [caption id="attachment_4449" align="aligncenter" width="600"]the shoe with smart batteries The shoe with smart rechargeable battery[/caption]

What is a battery for smart heating shoes like?

Batteries for smart heating shoes have a big characteristic which is the battery can withstand pressure, puncture and fireproof with lightweight as well as mobility. What's more, the higher the capacity, the longer the heating time the shoes will have. In addition, not only can the battery help rise to the set temperature quickly, but it also allows the insole to keep a constant temperature. Last but not least, the battery shape needs to meet the space requirements of the product design, which determines the rechargeable heating shoes must be equipped with shaped batteries. And at the same time, in order to provide total warmth to the sole of the foot and make users happy, Grepow insoles are specially designed with graphene equalizing heating sheets and optimal weight. [caption id="attachment_4448" align="aligncenter" width="560"]The battery for heating shoes The battery pack for the smart heating shoes[/caption]   IH201 is a solution of Grepow in the field of smart heating shoes for a complete set of smart heating shoes. IH201 product is built-in dual charging and discharge protection, high-precision automatic constant temperature system, which can adjust the output power according to different external temperatures, use a special charger, support QC2.0 fast charging and maximum 15W charging power.

Here is a sample of Grepow smart heating insole:

[caption id="attachment_4440" align="alignnone" width="819"]A whole insole combination A complete set of the insole combination[/caption] The battery has high pressure of 4.35 to 4.40V and a high energy density which can also work at low temperatures while having a longer cycle life. After 1,000 cycles, the original capacity remains 80%. It can be tailored to suit the design of various smart shoe products. The class of smart shoe batteries is also ISO14000 certified and meets UL, UN, and ROHS requirements.

The batteries in the smart heating insole

Battery type: lithium polymer battery Take the battery GRP6125073 for example.

The parameter of the current battery for smart shoes

The parameter of the current battery for smart shoes. Click here for more battery solutions.

Types of the battery shapes:

Ultra-thin, curved, L, round, triangle, hexagon, ultra-narrow, C, D, polygonal, etc. The shapes here can be designed in various sizes to thicknesses which can be customized for your creative products. Grepow Battery Ltd. has been dedicated to the research, development, and production of smart wearable batteries since 2013. We have proprietary battery material recipes and core frontier technology (stacking technology). We are one of the large cutting-edge Li-poly battery manufacturers in China. Since its establishment, it has provided cooperative projects with a number of the world's top 500 companies. If you need other shapes of LiPo batteries, it is the right choice for you to contact us.

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